Verdict: A movie that reels you in and gets you hooked to its storyline.

Directed by Dhruv Sachdev, A Gift of Love: Sifar has a captivating storyline with a major scene in the movie inspired from O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi. This film has already received great praise and bagged three awards at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Cult Critic Movie Awards, and Virgin Spring Cinefest, and now it arrives in theaters.

What’s A Gift of Love: Sifar About:

As the film opens we meet Ayesha (Sudha Chandran), a literature professor with a dark past. Ayesha gets flashbacks of her dark past which she is unable to let go of. Soon, through a friend’s recommendation, Ayesha meets Dr. Roy (Anang Desai), a therapist who is also a professor at the same college. During their session, Dr. Roy asks Ayesha to tell him about the most positive thing in her life. What follows is Ayesha’s narration of her traumatic past where she was kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Yet, this disturbing turn of events leads Ayesha to find her greatest treasure – the only positive thing in her life.

What Works:

The storyline and direction are what make this film stand apart and make it award-worthy. There are some chilling scenes in the movie that will make you uncomfortable, but in a way that will remind you that this is a reality for so many young girls that are being trafficked and forced into prostitution. The dialogues in this film, especially the shayaris by Ghalib that are used by various characters in the film have incredible power and depth of emotion that is very moving, especially if you’ve truly been broken-hearted. Sudha Chandran and Kanikka Kapur who play the older and younger versions of Ayesha portray this character well and truly make you feel connected with her and the experiences she has been through.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The supporting actors in this film didn’t quite hit the mark. There are also some dialogues and scenes in the film that could’ve been a little crisper.

Why You Should Watch:

Often movies like A Gift of Love: Sifar are underrated as they don’t have the qualities of a mass-entertainer qualities. However, this is a good film that is worth the watch on the big screen as it has a storyline that’s worth watching. Book your tickets now for this exclusive Vkaao release.