Verdict: Guaranteed entertainment for Govinda fans.

Chi Chi makes an interesting comeback with Aa Gaya Hero, previously titled Abhinav Chakra. The film’s release was on hold for a long time for lack of film distributors. The movie finally saw the light of day today alongside Vikramaditya Motwane’s Trapped and Abbas Mastan’s Machine.

Aa Gaya Hero is a typical 90s Bollywood film with a bunch of villains, one hero (a cop, of course), several songs, action sequences featuring lathis (yes, that's right) and many eye candies. What stands out throughout the film is Govinda’s dance which you can’t ignore considering there is a new song almost every time you blink watching Aa Gaya Hero. 

Aa Gaya Hero is the story of an honest police officer who considers himself and others as characters of a play and using various made-up characters and situations, exposes the real baddies.

To talk about the plot, it doesn't seem the scriptwriter was very sure of what he wanted to say. The film begins with an impersonator leaving a handbag in a mall. Within no time, you discover that bombs are exploding throughout the city. When a high-level police meeting is called for to discuss the state of affairs, a need for our hero Ravindra (Govinda) is felt. His character is introduced through a series of action sequences where he saves innocent people from criminals but in absolute Bollywood style. As soon as Ravindra enters the city, efforts are made to divert his attention from the bombings. Then, there is another crime in a college where the character played by Murli Sharma abets a girl’s suicide. He is the brother of a famous drug lord, played by Ashutosh Rana (who in no way resembles a don of any kind). Herein, Ravindra’s grand trap called Abhinay Chakra is laid and throughout the film you see him indulging in fake actions and situations to con the criminals. 

It is evident the film had a limited budget and therefore shoddy CGI work is not a surprise but equally embarrassing is the film’s picture quality that is grainy throughout. Costumes, locations, film set; everything looks average. At certain points, the scenes resemble CID episodes. 

No doubt, Govinda’s unique dance steps are a delight to the eyes, but the songs are distracting and do not fit the script. Moreover, foreign dancers in the background are as vague as the film’s script. A lot of WTH moments are expected with dialogues like "Tashreef Lagjayenge", lyrics like "Pat Ti Hai Toh Pat, Nahi Toh Side Mein Hutt" and suggestive choreography of the 90s with a temple as its background. One particular bit that will leave you clueless is the unravelling of the main criminal identified through his creepy laugh (creepy enough to give you nightmares). 

Govinda, Ashutosh Rana, Murli Sharma and Makrand Deshpande make the film entertaining with their individual quirks. Remember Gunda and its epic dialogues? Well, Aa Gaya Hero walks a similar path. Maybe, this one too will find a cult following eventually. 

With a little more effort in organizing the script and affording better technology, Aa Gaya Hero could have gone a long way. However, if you are a true Govinda fan or just looking for some mindless entertainment, then this film is for you.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Catch the film in your nearest theatre to entertain yourself with a two-hour parody of the 90s, with signature Govinda dance moves and hilarious dialogues and action. Take along your friends to experience a laugh riot.