Review: The two most powerful motivators of human action – Love and Addiction. But sometimes Love too falls under the dangerous purview of addiction. Addictions come in all forms; alcoholism, substance abuse and many more. But the most powerful and the most destructive of them all is Love. Love is a habit, when you’re so used to a person or the people you love. Can’t do without them, sometimes, even when you know they are bad for you.

Aashiqui 2 deals with exactly that. It is by no means a great film. But it has a very rare soul that only a tragic storyline can possess. Mohit Suri started his trial and error with intensity in subjects like regret and repentance in Awarapan and Murder 2. His practice has turned to a certain degree of polish in Aashiqui 2 as the subject matter gets stronger and climbs neatly up human the ladder of emotion. From guilt to regret and ultimately to pure, unselfish love.

The obvious comparisons to films like Rockstar, Dev D and Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s 1973 classic Abimaan will arise. Curb those feelings to compare. Aashiqui 2 doesn’t deal with any one of those things; it deals with all of them. Mohit Suri helps Shagufta Rafiqui’s script touch so many themes including ambition, passion and eventually lack of desire for any of it. It is a very true reflection of the restless souls today. Be it passion for your work or in the relationships you keep, something is still missing. Success is not enough, admiration is not enough. The pleasure is ultimately found in addictions – of any kind. Finally you care about nothing and hit the self-destruct button. Fly on auto pilot till you crash and burn.

Sometimes the story will feel like a drag, some might find the dialogues over the top. But the overall feel of the film is meant to be an aftertaste, elevated by the poignant music. The music in some strange way holds the storyline together in a far better manner than the script does. Music Director Mithoon has worked together with Mohit Suri to give us some brilliant work in films like Jism 2 before. But it is Ankit Tiwari’s Sun Raha Hai Na Tu that steals the show this time in the music department. Mithoon’s Tum Hi Ho & Jeet Ganguly’s Bhula Dena on a close second.

Aditya Roy Kapoor delivers a superb performance and Shraddha Kapoor does justice to her part as well.

All in all, don’t be too quick to judge. The film, in its entirety will take its time to grow on you, give it time. You will ultimately feel for it, feel for this self-destructive talented rockstar and his story of failure. The movie is sure to leave an intense aftertaste.

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