Verdict: A brilliant depiction of a true story.
Making a film about a real life story doesn't necessarily result in good cinema. A lot of the time makers botch up facts, and to commercialize the film, they pay less attention to the storyline. It’s a good thing that Akshay Kumar’s latest film, Airlift isn't subject to these problems. The film starts off on an extravagant note with businessman Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) leading a lavish life with his wife Amrita (Nimrat Kaur) and daughter. After a bit of song and dance, things go awry when Iraq attacks Kuwait. The couple can use their pull and leave the country, but Ranjit’s conscience stops him from doing so. Much to his wife's annoyance, Ranjit decides to help fellow Indians, a lot of whom are his office staff.
Based on the 1990 evacuation of Indians from Kuwait, Airlift is Raja Menon's third film after Bas Yun Hi and Barah Aana. The director has everything going for him, in this case: a great cast, a big budget, and a superb story. It's great that he makes the most of them and gives us a fantastic film. He absorbs you into the world of the refugees while focusing on a few individual stories. The only flaw in the movie is the presence of songs, as they seem forced into the narrative.
Coming to the cast, Purab Kohli and Prakash Belawadi (last seen in Talvar) get some important scenes and shine in them. Airlift is Nimrat Kaur’s second big outing after the 2013 hit, Lunchbox, and the actress stands out in the screen time that she gets. She impresses in the scene in which she lashes out at a refugee, who questions her husband's intentions. Now to talk about the film’s biggest strength – Akshay Kumar. The actor is in fine form and plays the unsung hero to perfection. From a flamboyant businessman to a helpless refugee, he makes every shade of his character believable. We hope the actor signs more films like Airlift, rather than those mindless comedies.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:  
Airlift is one of Akshay Kumar’s best works. The actor carries the film on his shoulders and his performance is one of its highlights. Also, the film is a gripping portrayal of the biggest human evacuation in history. The plight of the helpless refugees comes across on screen, and if you’re heading to the movies this weekend, make Airlift your first choice.