Ajab Gazabb Love: Movie Review

Review: Rich boy meets poor girl, their families oppose the match. This age old premise isn’t unfamiliar to the  Indian viewer,  let’s twist that a wee bit and what do you get? Rich boy meets his lady love and its love at first sight. But there’s a catch: His dream girl happens to champion the rights of the poor and holds a grudge against the rich.  In order to woo her, not only does our hero pretend to be poor but also makes his mother pose as a visually challenged seamstress and his father as a local grocer!

Our hero Rajveer (Jackky Bhagnani) is a twenty something automobile designer who wants to focus on his career while his parents just like any other set of parents want to see him settled down. Of course fate has other plans for him when he runs into the girl of his dreams- Madhuri- no not `the dhak dhak girl`  – Madhuri Dixit (How we wish it was her and not Nidhi Subbaiah!)

What could have been an engaging comedy turned out to be a never ending saga with numerous songs. To aggravate matters, Ajab Gazabb Love is peppered with phrases like “Ram Sita ki jodi banayee hai“  and abbreviations like D.C. (Dream Car) And D. B. (Dream Bahu)! 

But Ajab Gazabb Love had certain factors which manage to salvage it from being a disaster, namely it’s inventive plot and ensemble cast. Starting with the leading duo, Bhagnani as the film’s hero suits his role. Subbaiah on the contrary fails to impress and at the risk of sounding trivial, thanks to her flashy costumes and excessive makeup, she hardly looks her part.

However, the film’s supporting cast compensates, Madhuri’s brothers are played by Arjun Rampal in a double role. To add comic relief, a whistle plays in the background whenever the more submissive twin shakes his head. Arshad Warsi also has a guest appearance and doesn’t fail to make you laugh as always! 

The dialogues and editing can make or break a film. AGL lacks both, crisp dialogue and sharp editing. Thankfully the film’s second half picks up which includes good background/signature tunes for some comic characters. 

Lastly, the film has a message which takes it from a 2 star to a 2.5 rating, catch it only IF glossy entertainers are your cuppa tea.

Verdict:  Clichéd and tries too hard to be funny.

Kanika Rajani

Movie Details
Release date: Oct 24, 2012
Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy
Cast & Crew: Jackky Bhagnani, Nidhi Subbaiah, Arjun Rampal, Kirron Kher, Darshan Jariwala, Arshad Warsi
Director: Sanjay Gadhvi
Length: 2 hrs 6 mins
Writer: Mayur Puri

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