Verdict: Sonakshi Sinha's dabangg performance is the highlight of this action-thriller. 

If you look up Sonakshi Sinha's filmography, you’ll notice that she’s mostly played the damsel-in-distress, who has to be saved by a Khan, a Devgn, or a Kumar. In Akira though, she takes it upon herself to fight for what’s right. Within the first ten minutes of the film, you know that Akira Sharma means business. She doesn't take eve-teasing and bullying lightly even if her retaliation sends her to prison. 

Once in Mumbai, Sharma gets embroiled in a murder mystery, which involves the corrupt police officer, Rane (brilliantly portrayed by Anurag Kashyap). In order to keep his job, the man goes about killing innocent people and needs to get rid of Akira, too. While three of his juniors are hand-in-glove with him, one of his colleagues, played by Konkona Sen Sharma, refuses to be a part of it. In fact, she is the only character who roots for Akira and makes an attempt to save her. Throughout the film, you’ll get to see some intense action sequences, in which the heroine literally thrashes her nemesis. 

AR Murugadoss is known to make potboilers and he lives up to his reputation in his third Hindi movie. Akira abounds with cliches and stereotypes, but the film still manages to work. It is entertaining, to say the least, and kudos to Murugadoss for casting a woman as the movie's central character. 


Apart from the protagonist, most of the characters in Akira are believable. Anurag Kashyap is perfectly cast as the foul-mouthed ACP, while Konkona Sen Sharma gives a noteworthy performance. The problem with the lead character is that most of the action scenes in which Akira beats up a bunch of guys, and ends up without a scratch on her body, seem unreal. However, it is Sonakshi Sinha, who makes up for the flaws in the script. She looks the part and makes you wonder why she chose to play poorly-written characters in most of her films. Akira’s story can easily be taken forward and it would be great to watch a sequel to this movie. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:  

If you are tired of seeing Chulbul Pandey, Singham, and other alpha-male characters on screen, go meet Akira at the cinemas. She’s feisty, strong-headed, yet lovable. This is easily Sonakshi Sinha’s best work after Lootera and the film is a must-watch, during this long weekend.