Aksar 2: Film Review – Zareen Khan Shines as the Ultimate Femme Fatale

Verdict: A superb thriller with a lot of twists and turns.

It has been 11 years since we last saw Aksar and with Himesh Reshammiya's music, it was one of the highlights of 2006. Anant Mahadevan is back with Aksar 2 which has many more twists and turns than the first movie. The cast has changed and apart from a few character names being the same, there is nothing that would remind you of the old movie. Instead of using the same formula, they went with something different this time and that seems to work for them. The Aksar theme, which rolls with the end credits, is the only indication that this movie belongs to the same franchise. 

What's Aksar 2 About:

Dolly Khambata (Lillete Dubey), a 70+ woman who is very wealthy, enlists the help of Patrick (Gautam Rode) a man who helps her with investments to hire a new governess. Enter Sheena (Zareen Khan) who really needs the job to support her and her boyfriend, Ricky (Abhinav Shukla). For her to be eligible for the job she needs to show that she is a single woman and accept the advances made by Patrick who is besotted with her since their first meeting. S. Sreesanth as Mrs. Khambatta's lawyer and Mohit Madaan Bachchan Singh complete the cast and the game of betrayal begins. The end game is to be a part of the hale and hearty Dolly Khambatta's will.

What Works:

The cast share an amazing chemistry with each other. The script is tight and you won't feel bored for a second. The scenic ocean along with the perfectly paced revelations just add to the whole experience.

What Could Have Been Better:

For the people who were expecting the music like the previous movie will be a little disappointed. And while the twists and turns keep you hooked, there is a thing called too many twists.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

You must have seen Gautam Rode on TV and you will love him in his big Bollywood debut. If you love Abbas-Mustan movies, this one is perfect for you with people changing sides and you will keep guessing until the end where their loyalties lie.