A dark past, a wrecked house locked for several years, an old doll lying in a corner, a broken swing, a barking dog, flickering lights and many more. If those kind of scenes scare you then Alone is the film for you. Yes, the story is full of cliched moments that we have seen a gazillion times before, though the background score tries its best to keep up the thrills for the viewers.

The film is majorly shot in Kerala and captures the picturesque views of the city, Kottayam. The direction is commendable but could have been better, as most of the shots or upcoming scenes are predictable. However, what makes this film interesting is the climax! Though the story progresses on a very slow-pace, the intriguing twist in the end sort of makes up for it.

The film centers on the relationship between conjoined twins, Sanjana and Anjana (Bipasha Basu), who have sworn to stay together forever. Things turn complicated when they come across Kabir (Karan Singh Grover). Both fall in love with him, but Kabir loves Sanjana. What follows later is jealousy, separation and death! Which one of the sisters survive forms the main crux of the film.

Alone is an adaptation of the Thai film of the same name. It features Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover in the lead. The two share an amazing chemistry onscreen which is the main highlight of the film. Though the story lack elements of horror, there are some spooky scenes that give will make you gasp in the moment. Bipasha Basu as the conjoined twins looks stunning onscreen whether as Sanjana/Anjana or the ghost! Small screen star, Karan Singh Grover who makes a debut in the film gives a power-packed performance. Moreover, his fans are in for a treat as the newbie has a lot of shirtless moments in the film. Neena Gupta also appears in a small and forgettable role.

Overall, the film shines when its comes to background score and acting. However, the mediocre story and the missing horror elements is a major let down. The songs are hummable and capture the scenic beauty of Kerala.

Why should you watch this film?

Alone is not one of the most sought after horror-thrillers, but it does give you chills in some of the scenes. Plus, Bipasha and Karan’s chemistry is striking onscreen. So, if you are looking for a subtle thriller-horror flick this weekend, Alone is the film for you.

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