Amit Sahni Ki List: Film Review – A passable movie about love and lists

As far as rom-coms go, we get standard fare. Bollywood delivers the same old recipe, just like re-heating left-overs and serving it on a fresh plate, with a different table setting. But sometimes we are shown something new, something fresh. Amit Sahni Ki List is just such a film. It is fresh, funny (not just in the most obvious ways) and different. The movie takes us on Amit’s (played by Virr Das) journey to find the right girl. Not just any right girl, but the one who fits his list. Everyone, at some point or the other, has made such a list. Be it for life, career, love, lists have become part and parcel of our lives. But here is the truth, life is what happens when you put your list down and start living.

The movie introduces you the troubles and travails of a young investment banker, Amit Sahni. Here is a young successful man with everything he wants out of life. But hold on, is that enough? Do you look at your life and think that there is more to it? Do you play it safe? Or will you take a risk? That is the question which is posed to you when you watch this film. Starring Virr Das, Vega Tamotia, Anindita Nayar and Kavi Shastri, the movie delves in to the lives of the current generation. In this day and age, we are beset with thoughts about the perfect life, perfect job, perfect car, perfect significant other and the likes. So coming back to Amit, he has everything but he still longs for the girl who check marks his list. A little back story, Amit made this list when he was unceremonously dumped by a girl. In the midst of his pain, he realises that he could make his life a whole lot simpler by just compiling all the important aspects into one comprehensive list. I know, you might be thinking “Come on, things don’t always go according to plan. Life is unpredictable and women are more so.” But hey, Amit thinks he knows better. So off he goes, to get the girl of his dreams. Thus begins his foray into the world of dating. Now, anyone will tell you, dating these days is difficult, much like advanced mathematics combined with quantum mechanics. Girl after girl fail to meet his impossible criteria. In the mean time, he has to contend with a close friend Push, played by Kavi Shastri and his mother who is cool and hip but she just wants to be a part of Amit’s life. Along the way through the list, he meets Mala. She just doesn’t fit his list. At all. Thus begins a new chapter in Amit’s life. One of change, new experiences and adventure. Here comes the hiccup, the arrival of Devika, played by Anandita Nayar. A girl who is tailor made for the list. Amit’s dilemma just gets compounded. Can love be quantified or felt?
Virr Das does a wonderful job here. In his inimitable fashion, he breaks the fourth wall and guides the audience into the mind of Amit. His comic timing and humor is very evident. But at certain points, the script changes from quirky and unique to staid and commercial. There are some offbeat jokes and human elements which make Amit very likable and relatable. Kavi Shastri does a decent job as Amit’s friend, but his impact isn’t felt. Vega’s character, Mala, is interesting. However, you don’t feel for her. Mala just seems to be an amalgamation of all the things not on the list and you never really understand the reason why she is so free-spirited. Anindita Nayar‘s Devika is too wooden. Her character might have been played as that but I doubt it. She is a looker, though. In the end, you get the feeling that the movie is about Virr Das doing his thing. Incorporating elements of his stand-up and humor, you are shown humor about the world we live in. The direction by Ajay Bhuyan is crisp and different. But the script is a bit disappointing, the commercial-ness of it just doesn’t sit well. The film seems to suffer for it. You get the feeling that certain parts were just included to keep the punters happy.
Why should you watch this film?
A movie about the quest for love. Sort of. In a way. Actually, a movie about the concept that love cannot be quantified but should be felt. In effect, this is a decent movie with the standard jokes and some really good ones. You will enjoy the moments when the fourth wall breaks. The insights are good and some are really funny. Virr Das does an enjoyable turn. The music, notably the soundtrack, make the movie come alive. Mala and Devika are a treat for the eyes. On the whole, Amit Sahni Ki List is worth a watch on the weekend, with your friends or your significant other.  

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