Verdict: An impressive exhibit of today’s poignant reality

Pan Nalin‘s Angry Indian Goddesses is much more than what you expect it would be. Labeled as India’s first female-buddy film; know there are things to watch out for than just another women-centric film. It’s the poignant reality of today’s world that stirs you. You’ll identify with the light-hearted moments, you’ll share the seething anger of the goddesses, and in the end, you’ll feel the uneasy lull that the film leaves you with. 
The film is an emotional roller-coaster ride that mirrors our reality in many ways. The story begins with the smart and sassy photographer, Frieda (Sarah-Jane Dias) inviting her girls to Goa. The gang includes her cousin, a struggling Bollywood actor with British roots, Joanna (Amrit Maghera), the free-spirited singer who’s going through a rough patch, Madhurita (Anushka Manchanda); the socialite, who has clipped her professional aspirations to be trapped in an unhappy marriage, Pamela Jaswal (Pavleen Gujral); the single mother who’s also breaking the glass-ceiling at her corporate job, Suranjana (Sandhya Mridul), and the activist Nargis Nasreen (Tannishtha Chatterjee). The movie follows a happy facade of each of their lives, but slowly the cracks begin to show. Angry Indian Goddesses does a stellar job at pointing out the issues Indian women face everyday. 
With strong performances by each of the beautiful ladies, we almost get a gem from Pan Nalin‘s lens. The film isn’t perfect. It has its share of flaws that’ll leave you wishing more had been done with the story. The film though exceeds in expressing an emotion that we keep ignoring again and again untill one fine day, the headlines remind us of it once more. 
Why You Should Watch this Movie: 
Watch the film for a face-to-face with our social reality. Watch it for the strong performances and the strong after-thought that the film will leave you with.