Ankhon Dekhi: Film Review

Some people say ‘Seeing is believing’. However, we seldom question it. Raje Bauji dared to question this stereotype.

With a motley of characters, Rajat Kapur’s Ankhon Dekhi is a simple yet ruminative film. After movies like Mithya (2008), Mixed Doubles (2006) and Fatso (2012), Ankhon Dekhi also delivers a rhapsodic story of fifty something man-Raje Bauji (Sandeep Mishra).

Raje Bauji is a regular man from Purani Dilli. He lives a mundane life with his extended family.Cooped up in a small house, this family has it’s own stereotypes- a nagging wife, a lazy son,  an over-protective Chacha… almost everyone. But one day after a distressing arguement with his family, Bauji decided that he will believe only the truth that he can experience. His decision created topsy-turvy situation for him and people around him.

Rajat Kapur’s Ankhon Dekhi is a rhetorical film. In today’s world when someone tries to question and scrutinize the reality, he will either be tagged as a fool or maybe… a saint. Something similar happened with Bauji. He questioned reality. What if Sunday is not a Sunday and something else? What if prasad is just another mithaai? Call him a wise fool, a philosopher or just another man questioning reality, but Bauji‘s zany humour is something which will linger on.

Sandeep Mishra as Bauji gave a brilliant performance. In almost every scene Sandeep Mishra’s acting is dappled with quirkiness and fizz. His body language, his expressions everything is just wonderful. It won’t be justified, if I don’t mention Seema Pahwa. She played a major role in the film. She did a magnificent job. Her character has the perfect blend of boorishness and pleasantness. Rajat Kapur, who played the younger brother of Bauji- Rishi, did a commendable job. The characters were stark opposite. If Bauji is somewhat outlandish, Rishi is more of a calm and logical person. Overall, all the characters are completely efficacious.

Rafey Mahmood’s cinematography will take you to the nook and corners of old Delhi. The crowd can actually familiarize with the scenes and situations. The shots are very personal and gives a nostalgic feeling. The neighborhood, the people and the surroundings, everything is utterly realistic. Sagar Desai’s music is in perfect sync with the movie. It is fresh and earthy.

Why must you watch the film?
Rajat Kapur’s Ankhon Dekhi is not a Bollywood masala flick. Watch the movie for it’s raw characters and a simple yet thought provoking plot. There is no extreme dialoguebaazi, item numbers, or action sequence. It is just pure cinema.

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