Arjun The Warrior Prince: Movie Review

The ultimate word is ‘Lakshya’ 

Director: Arnab Chaudhuri

Genre: Animation, Action

Synopsis: "Arjun The Warrior Prince" is the heroic journey of the legendary warrior prince, Arjun, from the days of his youth to his emergence as a valiant hero who single handedly took on an entire army in the battle for justice and peace. The film is directed by Arnab Chaudhuri and produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures. From the dusty plains of Hastinapur to the icy peaks of the Himalayas, "Arjun: The Warrior Prince" is the story of a man discovering what it takes to be a hero.

Review: The animation industry in India has been taking rapid strides towards making better films in terms of content, quality and technological innovation. Better still, there are few mythological films made in the present day, so there’s more to watch and little to compare, which usually is the case when watching films otherwise made harping on the same subject. Now, one may instantly ask why the audience will enjoy an animated mythological film when something of the likeness can be made in lesser time and possibly a smaller budget too? The answer is simple, animation is not just a genre, but a medium of portraying larger than life characters, who can do larger than life antics in some cases while in others they can be like normal human beings, leading day-to-day lives. 

Director Arnab Chaudhuri has treated the epic story of “The Mahabharata” very well albeit with a difference. It’s like a bird’s eye view of the life of Arjun – The 3rd of the Pandava princes. There’s family, love, duties and war – all essentials of a usual Bollywood drama sans the war (not a usual occurrence in films).  In a recent print article, it was revealed that Chaudhuri along with his entire team (including music directors Vishal and Shekhar) worked on the film for over three years before it was ready for release. Well, the effort will pay off almost as soon as the film hit the theatres. The concept has been read about by all, so the story is no repeat. Kids will enjoy the action and adults will like the story they read as children being narrated again. Besides, B.R. Chopra, gave the Indian audience their best Sunday morning treat on television for many years in the form of the epic story of “The Mahabharata”. Clearly, the filmmaker had a clear vision in his mind, his directorial debut will be a story one has not heard or seen before. I totally concur. And what amazing levels of animation technology, one couldn’t have asked for more, absolutely at par with international standards, i.e., when our industry is still in its nascent stage.

“Arjun The Warrior Prince” is the warrior’s story from childhood to adulthood where he goes through the phases of self-development before truly emerging as the greatest warrior of all time. The story begins in the Kingdom of Virat where the Pandavas are spending the last year of their exile term, in disguise. The complete storyboard was very well-knit hence was an excellent experience. The language was intact, as was the intent, along with the timeless conversations between Lord Krishna and Arjun whenever the latter was caught in a dilemmic situation. 

All animation lovers are aware what goes into the making of each animation film, hence the respect increases manifold when the outcome is more than a one-time watch. Most of all, this film will be a eye-opener in more than one way for the audiences. First, this is not meant only for kids, adults too must watch this 70 mm extravaganza; and plain animation aside, this is a action-animation, which may soon be a new genre. Hail Animation! Secondly, there’s a lot one can learn, there are philosophical lessons that one will find in many parts during the course of the film, if only you notice them. Yes, the film is a release in Hindi, but if it is being dubbed into regional languages such as Tamil and Telugu, a release with the subtitles in English too is a good idea. If this is to be read by the respective team, then all I shall add is that the cues are all too evident. More power to these visual treats. Who needs a 3D technology when some great content can still be provided in 2 dimensional technology. The story still plays an important role in the process of film-making  plus the path to self-discovery is seldom a cake-walk!

Verdict: The bar has been set high, let’s see what’s in store next by the evolving Indian Animation industry. 

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