Verdict: An average storyline with above average performances.

Mumbai, as they say, is not just a city, it’s an emotion. The city that never sleeps attracts so many people every day with its never-give-up attitude. This city is addictive. However, we fail to realize that the city takes away from us much more than what it offers. In this daily running around towards an unclear goal, we often forget the value of relationships and the thin line between right and wrong. B. A. Pass 2, a sequel to the acclaimed film B. A. Pass, is written and directed by Shadab Khan. The movie revolves around a small-town girl, Neha Singh (Kritika Sachdeva), who moves to Mumbai with a dream of being independent and to avoid the societal pressure of marriage.

B.A. Pass 2 - Film Review - BookMyShowWhen Neha moves to Mumbai, away from her family, in search of better prospects and with the sole dream of making something out of her life, she comes to realize that she has no particular skill that she can work with. The only person she knows in this big city is an estate agent, Vijay (Sasho Satiiysh Saarathy), who helps her get an apartment of her own and also motivates her to join the film industry (because she looks pretty, duh). After a few photo shoots and meetings with the casting agent Manorama (Sanghamitra Hitashi), who very easily reminds you of Mugdha Godse in Fashion, Neha enters the industry and gets a break in a TV commercial. However, after plenty of rejections and being thrown out of every other project that lands up in her kitty, Neha runs out of patience. She soon takes up the short-cut to success and pretends to fall in love with the wealthy-businessman Ritesh (Indraneil Sengupta). She soon loses focus on her career and eventually ends up giving her heart to Ritesh, only to find out that he isn’t into her at all. Things only go downhill for Neha there on, who is shown to be a damsel in distress resorting to alcohol and cigarettes.

Kritika Sachdeva gives a decent performance as the leading actress. However, the real heroes of the movie are Sanghamitra Hitashi, Indraneil Sengupta and Sasho. Shadab Khan has managed to impress with his debut directorial venture and has made it clear that he is here to stay. The movie may remind you of Fashion and Heroine in several instances, but it does not create the same impact that those movies did. Music has very little to do in this movie, which impinges on the overall execution. Don't expect this to be anything like the prequel. B. A. Pass 2 is a stand-alone movie and can be enjoyed by a niche audience.

Why Should You Watch The Movie:
If you wish to watch an umpteen amount of drama that will leave you a bit shaken at the end, then go for this one without a thought. Watch this movie to see how good performances on-screen can carry the weight of a not-so-great story.