Verdict: This hitman's revenge saga hits the bullseye.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is known for taking his characters to another level with his quintessential desi swag and excellent acting skills. In Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, you will see a hitman who will kill to keep you entertained throughout the movie.

This is the story of a contract killer Babu Bihari (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) with a fetish for shades and smokes. He is considered the most dangerous shooter in the area and kills on the order of a politician famously known as Didi (Divya Dutta). During one of his contracts, he meets a plucky shoemaker named Phulwa (Binita Bag), who he is attracted to so much that he kills a few more people for her. These murders sour Babu's relationship with Didi.

Soon after, Babu gets a contract to kill three people, and during an execution, he meets another assassin named Banke Bihari (Jatin Goswami), who calls himself his follower but evidently wants to take his place in the market. Their meeting changes into a game, rather a bet, in which the winner gets the money and the loser quits the profession forever.

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The best part of the movie is Nawazuddin, undoubtedly. He has carried the movie on his shoulders which otherwise lacks the hook because of slow storytelling. He has been shown as a carefree serial killer who loves what he wants and kills as he pleases. He changes sides depending on the amount of money he is being paid. Even though he comes across as a heartless killer initially, he is also shown as a lover with a soft side. He has pulled off two extremes in one character, which is commendable.

The movie has a really interesting plot and you spend time figuring out what will happen next. The first half is smooth and keeps you hooked with an interval that will leave you with high hopes for the rest of the movie. There is everything that you expect from a movie like this – raunchy sequences, innuendos and funny characters.

The whole movie has a desi feel to it and all the characters are detailed enough to keep you entertained, either by the dialogues or by their body language. However, keeping each character on point doesn't make up for the storytelling which is rather slow. The second half of the movie has a lot of blood shed and cringe-worthy killings, which can be a treat if you are into crime sagas.

The movie is sans dream sequences but has a number of songs mostly playing in the background. The cult song Ghungta has been remade in the movie with Neha Kakkar's voice and is sure to make you tap your foot to it.

This film proves yet again that Nawazuddin can carry a movie on his shoulders. It is definitely worth a watch.

Why You Should Watch The Movie:
The movie has Nawazuddin at his best – his fans are in for a delight with this revenge drama. The movie shows two extremes of his characters and he pulls off both ends like a piece of cake. The movie is also high on gory content, making it highly entertaining if you are that kind of thrill-seeker.

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