Badlapur Boys is a film about Kabbadi and an amateur team playing for the betterment of their village. The plot engages the audience with its occasional comic and action sequences until the very end, where it surprises all with an unthinkable plot twist.  
The film starts off with the protagonist Vijay’s (Nishshan) father setting himself ablaze to protest for the construction of a dam, in the village of Badlapur. He is deemed as a lunatic and his family is scorned by all. Years later, Vijay is shown as a member of their local Kabaddi team, Badlapur Boys that has entered into the state level Kabaddi championship. The main aim of the team is to highlight the issues in their village and prove that Vijay’s father was not a lunatic. With the team participating with hopes to achieve their mission, will they succeed or not form the main climax of the film.
Badlapur Boys showcases the simple joys and tribulations of the village folk. The cast and crew excel in their respective roles, especially Annu Kapoor. The veteran actor plays the role of a team coach Suraj and delivers some of the best monologues in the film. The female leads Saranya Mohan and Puja Gupta have also delivered decent performances, albeit their potential is not fully explored. However, director Shailesh Verma has to be praised for capturing the picturesque locations of Badlapur.
The film is entertaining but the story lacks lustre and has too many factual flaws. For instance, the amateur village team of Badlapur, with no experience is allowed to compete at the biggest competition of Uttar Pradesh, just because another team backed out.
Why should you watch the film?
Badlapur Boys is an entertaining film with a deep rooted social message at the end. Any sports enthusiasts, especially avid Kabaddi fans, must watch this film. Also, Annu Kapoor`s performance is commendable and makes the film worthwhile. 
– Saurabh Shankar

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