Balwinder Singh…Famous Ho Gaya: Film Review – Welcome to the mad-house.

Balwinder Singh… Famous Ho Gaya, is a story of two guys who come to the city of dreams, Mumbai, looking for fame. From the streets of Mumbai to the dhol and ghee of Punjab, this movie has it all. Two guys who cannot stand each other stay together in a room. The movie has enough elements to make you laugh out loud, but that comes in intervals. Balwinder Singh… Famous Ho Gaya makes for a decent comedy to watch.

Mika Singh (Balwinder Singh from Ludhiana) and Shaan (Balwinder Singh from Patiala) are the two central characters of this film. They share the same name, same room, same love interest and the same dream of becoming famous. Their love interest, Gabriela Bertante (Julie/Laxmi) is perhaps the only reason they agree to go through most of the discomfort in life.

Anupam Kher (Rai Bahadur Sodi), a millionaire, starts a search for his long-lost grandson named Balwinder Singh. The search turns into a contest with a hundred Balwinder Singhs, participating to become the heir of the Raj Bahadur’s fortune. Rajpal Yadav works at the mansion and his performance is a treat to watch. His reactions to situations will leave you giggling. The sole person who knew the real Balwinder Singh, lost her memory in an accident. The climax of the movie is a sure-shot laugh-riot. Watch how all the men fit into pretty dresses and high heels to earn Raj Bahadur’s fortune.

Balwinder Singh… Famous Ho Gaya has quite a few dance numbers, which will fit well in your playlist. Sunny Leone finishes the movie with Shake Your Booty Girl, and she looks stunning as always. Singers, Mika and Shaan have acted quite decently considering it’s their first mainstream film. And the script is an out-and-out winner.

Why you should watch this film?

If you are looking for decent humor, Balwinder Singh…Famous Ho Gaya is worth a try. A 2 hour 15 minutes movie that will keep you entertained throughout. Not the best, but quite funny.

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