When a ‘romantic’ song starts sounding like an item number worse than the legendary Fevicol song, you know there’s little you should expect. Especially when it happens in the first few minutes of the film. It is indubitable that Besharam is the next film that will join the 100-crore bandwagon, however, this comes at the cost of marring your basic sense of creativity… or films or anything nice that you may have watched in a while. All this while, it had become quite apparent that our Besharam protagonist, the super-charming Ranbir Kapoor, was a character-driven actor. It all changes on this eventful day. 

While your choice of films may differ drastically, Besharam isn’t one I will suggest you to watch ’cause it was an assault to my senses, the ones that had repaired and restored themselves after what Son of Sardaar and Dabangg 2 had done last year. Guess what, both the movies made it to the coveted 100-crore club, for being ‘mass entertainers’, the ones that probably call for whistles everytime the hero jumps from one building to another or makes a grand entry by smashing glasses and landing on top of an expensive car. 

Veteran actors and star couple, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor’s presence also cannot save the agony caused to a person in a span of just 2 hours and 18 minutes. There are songs, there are dances, there are songs, there are dances, stuck in a loop, in that order. Then there are jokes that force you to stay poker-faced, and a relatively new actress, Pallavi Sharda. I apologize for any form of disgust this may cause to anyone out there, however I seriously felt that she had a strong resemblance to Johnny Bravo. By stating this, I do not mean that she was not the usual pretty girl-next-door. However, acting and making your screen presence felt has got very little to do with good looks. 

There is very little praise I have for Ranbir Kapoor, as well as for the character he has portrayed in the film, Babli. It is a Dabangg-ized version of something which could have been a lot better had it not had, say, most elements. Two songs in the entire film seem hummable and watchable, and note this, they are both the kinds that will play repeatedly on any Bollywood night in a discotheque or the upcoming Navratri festival – Hand utha ke nachhle and the title song. Not to forget the actor shall now be the first choice to model for classy eyegear and fab-looking shoes and clothes going forward. 

It makes me sad to admit that the film is a disappointment at so many levels. It may make you feel like everyone needed a pastime, so they chose to work on this film. A rather loose script matched with loads of overacting make this film. Watch it only if you must, since there are no other Hindi releases this week. 

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