Love is a complicated thing. Even more when it’s "Bezubaan".

Bezubaan Ishq traces the life of Suhani, Swagat and Rumzum. It all begins in London. We are introduced to a happy family and a very cheery yet coy Rumzum (Sneha Ullal). In another corner of the world, there’s Suhani (Mugdha Godse). A Mumbai girl, she loves to party and enjoys doing bike stunts. But then the very next moment, she is kidnapped by goons and needs a hero to rescue her. And here, we’re introduced to Swaagat (Nishnat), Suhani’s best friend.

Jashwant Singh’s Bezubaan Ishq takes us into a whirlpool of emotions. Which ones, we are slightly confused here. As the film proceeds, we get to know that Suhani suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) and it’s incurable. The only solution that the doctor suggested is marriage. You didn’t see that coming, did you? Looking at Suhani and Swaagat’s care for each other, their parents announce their engagement. As Swaagat, Suhani, Rumzum along with their friends go for a road trip to Rajasthan, love blooms between Rumzum and Swaagat. Love triangle, it is! The rest of the film trudges along at a very slow pace, until the climax.

It’s good to see Mughdha Godse back on the big screen. However, same can’t be said about Sneha Ullal, who whines a little too much. Nishant plays the man in distress so sincerely that it will depress you.

The background score by Raju Singh is passable. Beside the title track "Bezubaan Ishq" and "Ankhon Mein Basa Lunga", the rest of the songs are forgettable.
Bezubaan Ishq has a good soul but the due to not-so-impressive execution, it fails to grab much attention. Initially, it shows sign of dealing with certain issues of the society, but then it is left half way. And you’re left wondering if marriage is the only solution to a mental disorder.

Why should you watch the movie?
If you love romantic movies, Bezubaan Ishq will cheer you up. Go catch this movie with a loved one.