To begin, Bhaag Johnny has quite the promising plot to play with. It is an action thriller that has potential and the story is quite unique. The twists and thrills are all there. Where it falls short is the department that was responsible for the execution of the story. 

The story is based in Bangkok where JanardanJohnnyArora (Kunal Khemu) leads the good life. He has a high-flying job, makes the big bucks (sometimes through questionable ways but then according to him, everybody steals, no biggie) and has the ladies swooning over him. Johnny’s undoing is when boss Ramona Bakshi (Manasi Scott) finds out he has been stealing from the company and she puts two choices before him – 10 years in the slammer or a holiday in Pattaya. Yes, the punishment doesn’t befit the crime. Johnny, very obviously chooses a holiday over prison time and discovers he should have known better. Bakshi wants Johnny to bump off Tanya (Zoa Morani) while on his holiday. All this within the first 30 minutes of the movie.
The first twist arrives in the form of Vikram Bhatt on screen playing a genie (yup!) who puts more options before Johnny. In the next 72 hours, Johnny can choose to live two lives – one where he kills Tanya and the other where he doesn’t. He could eventually choose to continue with the consequences of the life he thinks would be best for him. 
What follows is a constant jump between the two lives of Johnny. Truly, this is the unique bit. Two stories for the price of one. You have Bhaag Johnny sticking to formula with decently done action sequences, car chases, the right amount of oomph. And they keep you interested. 
Bhaag Johnny could have really been far more interesting than it is if a tad more attention could have been paid to a sleeker way of telling the story. The twists in the plot (there are many more than Vikram Bhatt playing genie) are a few too many and while some are decent, others seem unnecessary. The jumps between the two sub plots should have been done better so the audience isn’t lost trying to connect the dots. 
Khemu still has a long way to go before he could establish himself as a above average performer. The adorable kid from Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke has been sincerely trying to prove himself since his return as an grown-up actor. Bhaag Johnny might not be considered his best effort though. Zoa Morani and Iranian model and actress Mandana Karimi end up being just pretty looking faces although the former shows some promise. Manasi Scott does not. This is yet another movie that offers Mukul Dev an opportunity that he squanders.
The songs while few and nothing to speak home about interrupts the story’s flow and look out of place. You’d do well to hop into a club and enjoy Daddy Mummy, a catchy tune with atrocious lyrics or tune in to your favorite radio station and hear Ankit Tiwari sing a rehashed Sonu Nigam song.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
You should give Bhaag Johnny a try simply for it being a fast-paced thriller with a story that isn’t cliched. The movie is not bad for a one-time watch. You will see an effort made to make a movie that is ‘different’ and at the same time, not trying to go overboard to stand out.