Verdict: A hilarious no-brainer feat. Sunny Paaji’s dhai kilo ka haath, among others.

Sunny Deol is one of the strongest action heroes ever in Bollywood. He can melt iron just by his anger and can beat thousands of men without having to suffer a single scratch. In the recent Deol movies like the Yamla Pagla Deewana series, we have seen and enjoyed his over-the-top action and the parody. In Bhaiaji Superhit, the action doubles up with Sunny Paaji’s double role in the movie and the desi swag, obviously.

What’s Bhaiaji Superhit About:

3D Bhaiya (Sunny Deol), a Varanasi based don, is having a hard time coping with his emotions ever since his wife Sapna (Preity Zinta) started living at her parents’ place. His business is going down and everyone around him is trying to fix the situation. when he kidnaps a Bollywood director Goldie Kapoor (Arshad Warsi) for money, in addition to the ransom Goldie also suggests making a movie around Bhaiyaji’s love life in order to impress Bhabhiji. With the film, begins a roller coaster ride of comedy, romance, and a lot of action.

What Works:

The best thing about Bhaiaji Superhit is the fact that Sunny Deol is comfortable parodying himself. It has all the over-the-top action you can expect from a Sunny Deol movie where he makes people fly, dodges bullets, and lifts cars. He has done his job the way you want him to. Preity Zinta is a total surprise as a loud and wannabe English-speaking character from Varanasi. She plays the daughter of a gangster and the rowdy wife of a don and she is amazing to watch. Deol and Zinta’s chemistry will crack you up every time she shoots a bullet at him. Arshad Warsi and Shreyas Talpade have commendable comic timing and stay true to their characters.

Bhaiaji Superhit has a few songs that fit with the flow. The background score is quite strong and enhances the sequences, especially the action scenes. The movie asks you to keep your brains at home and just enjoy a goofy comedy of errors sans the double-meaning stuff.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The movie is a lot of fun when you know that you are going in for a goofy parody movie which doesn’t rely on logic and sense. If you are the kind of person who wants Sunny Paaji to take on a punch because when it’s only logical, then this might not be the movie for you.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch the movie if you want to laugh out loud on the most bizarre things. Sunny Deol serves you a double dose of comedy and action in this one. Preity Zinta has given a crazy performance and you’ll love her as Sapna Dubey. Take your family and watch this movie for a couple of hours of mad and goofy fun.

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