Verdict: Bhangra Paa Le makes your heart go balle balle.

The arts are powerful, be it painting, cinema, music, or dance. They have the potential to instill passion, stir up emotion, and convey a story with impact. Debutant director Sneha Taurani aims to do the same with Bhangra Paa Le. This film weaves its own story that glorifies bhangra as an art form and “Punjab ki shaan“.

What’s Bhangra Paa Le About:

This film juxtaposes two storylines of two generations in order to establish a vital connection – Captaan (Sunny Kaushal) from the 1940s and his grandson Jaggi Singh (also Sunny Kaushal) in 2019. Jaggi is a part-time DJ whose passion and dream is to win an inter-college bhangra competition that will take him to London. Jaggi’s motivation to win this competition is to honor his grandfather’s love for bhangra as well as his heroic legacy. We are then introduced to Simi (Rukshar Dhillon) also known as “the world’s best female dancer.” She has the same dream as Jaggi, except that she’s from a rival college. Jaggi and Simi fall in love but they have a competition of a lifetime standing in the way of their “happily ever after”.

What Works:

Sunny Kaushal’s performance is firey as he takes on the dual role of Captaan and Jaggi. With great ease, he carries the film on his shoulders as he transitions between playing two characters from different generations. Captaan’s chemistry with his love interest Nimmo (Shriya Pilgaonkar) is convincing and has you emotionally reeled into their story. This movie also marks Rukshar Dhillon’s big Bollywood debut and she does a good job playing a city girl who is oozing with confidence and Punjabi sass. Since bhangra is the vein of this film, it is filled with upbeat songs that have you tapping your foot to the beats.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The film’s storyline is slightly weak and after a point, it feels like the dance performances overpower the script. Not bad if you’re looking for a visual treat though.

Why You Should Watch:

Bhangra Paa Le celebrates bhangra as more than just a dance form – it’s about desi pride and honor. It’s a must-watch for all bhangra fans as for the rest, this upbeat film will keep you thoroughly entertained.