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Bhoomi: Film Review – Sanjay Dutt’s Groundbreaking Comeback!

Verdict: Omung Kumar's Bhoomi is about a father's revenge for his daughter's pride, served right.

Omung Kumar is known for biopics, especially after directing Mary Kom and Sarbjit. With Bhoomi, he has ventured into the commercial Bollywood formula, with Sanjay Dutt playing an age-appropriate role and acing it.

The movie is about a dotting father-daughter duo – Arun Sachdeva (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhoomi (Aditi Rao Hydari), based in Agra. Both of them are working and share the cooking schedule. Arun is a loving father who encourages her career-oriented daughter and cooks dinner for her. Bhoomi, on the other hand, is a busy wedding planner and make-up artist who generally returns home late. They were living a happy life until Bhoomi is raped by her one-sided lover and his team of three, just a day before her wedding. After seeking justice from the court, which was not delivered, they take matters into their own hands and plan to take revenge.

Bhoomi review - BookMyShow

Omung Kumar has a good eye when it comes to building a story and he has set this revenge drama with conviction and depth in the first half. The film is shot beautifully and boasts of the director's art background. Set in Agra and shot at real locations, the film is kept as real as possible with the perfect attires, culture, and frames. Even the action sequences are bright and the frames have more color than just the red of blood.

Sanjay Dutt is back on screen after three years and with Bhoomi, it becomes clear that nothing can harm the terrific screen presence of this lion. He has aged a little and wears the lines on his face with confidence which makes his character even more promising. Even as a father he has carried his signature movements. If the camera focuses on his eye you know there's sadness and if he is walking towards someone, you know that one must be pissing his pants. Sanjay Dutt, in this age-appropriate role, carries the same amount of grin and anger as he did as Musa, Ballu, and Raghu when it comes to action.

Bhoomi review - BookMyShow

Aditi Rao Hydari plays the titular character and delivers an astounding performance. Her character stammers and hence most of her scenes required her to express through her eyes and she pulled it off effortlessly. Sidhant Gupta looked like the kind of prince every girl wishes for, however, his character wasn't so, and whatever screen space he had, he made sure all eyes were on him (especially of females). Sharad Kelkar is the real baddy here and we have seen him do these kinds of characters before and his talent can never be doubted.

The movie scored full marks in performances however many laws of physics were bent during the movie. The second half had a court-room sequel and the number of times words like rape, virgin and characterless are pronounced, you can't help but roll your eyes. There are also cliches where Bhoomi is socially demoralized, but apart from these, the movie keeps you on the edge of your seats, especially in the second half.

The music of the movie is situational and upbeat. There are slow and soothing songs as well as peppy numbers. The writers have also slipped in a lot of statistics about rape in the country and how the cases are treated. Bhoomi, as the name suggests, is about women who absorb everything negative inside her like earth and it is also a warning as to how if the same Bhoomi seeks revenge, the situation can turn really dirty.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you like socially relevant movies, Bhoomi is your go-to film this week. Sanjay Dutt has made a groundbreaking comeback and his aura rules the movie. The film has great performances and an item number by Sunny Leone. All the Bollywood junkies are in for a treat too. We highly recommend to you catch this movie this weekend.