Verdict: Vicky Kaushal dominates this horror fest with his composed act.

Back in 2018, actor Vicky Kaushal had become the rage of B-town after delivering some fantastic performances in Raazi and Sanju. The once-snubbed actor suddenly rose to fame and received much love and appreciation among his industry colleagues as well as among fans. Two years later, Vicky has fewer films in his kitty than he had before he achieved mainstream fame. While his popularity prompted filmmakers to sign him on for a bunch of films that kept him busy, we finally get to see Bollywood’s golden boy after a whole year in Dharma ProductionsBhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship.

What’s Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship About: 

After losing his wife and daughter in a tragic accident, the PTSD-stricken Prithvi(Vicky Kaushal) becomes somewhat of a reckless braveheart at work. Just a day after rescuing a group of women from a trafficking racket, he is embroiled in the case of the Seabird ship that appears suddenly at Juhu beach in Mumbai. As the surveying officer, Prithvi searches the ship that seems to be completely abandoned. He does not find much inside, save a ragged doll that appears everywhere he goes. The doll begins to disturb him even in his own house and Prithvi must uncover the mystery behind it and the girl who owns it. Meanwhile, he is also battling demons of his own as the ghosts of his wife and daughter continue to haunt him.

What Works: 

With all the recent talk about ‘range’, it is notable how Vicky Kaushal seems to deliver fantastically in all genres. His comedy timing is perfect, he’s got the flair for drama, he slays in action, and now he has ventured into the horror space, which is fairly risky in Bollywood. But Vicky Kaushal brings a sense of composure to his character instead of relying on the stereotypical melodrama. His character is multi-layered as Prithvi battles his inner demons along with the ghosts that haunt him. His despair and depression bring a sense of fearlessness to his character, enabling him to uncover the secrets of the Seabird. He is not prone to overreact to sudden appearances or supernatural occurrences. It is rare that an actor brings so much depth into a character for a movie in this genre and Vicky has delivered an intelligent performance for a film with a few logical fallacies.

For horror movie fans, Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship offers plenty of jump scares in the first half that will make you jump out of your seat. Word of caution: do not carry keep snacks or drinks on your laps during this hour. There are some pretty intense moments that become predictable in the second half. This hour has plenty of action so if you want to see Vicky Kaushal pump up that josh, the climax will be an invigorating watch.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

There are loopholes in the plot of the film that can be ignored in the larger context. Bhumi Pednekar barely has any screen time and her parts are limited to minor appearances.

Why You Should Watch: 

Horror movie fans who rarely get to see a good Bollywood horror film, this is your chance to witness something truly spine-chilling. With plenty of jump scares and some Vicky Kaushal-style action, Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship makes for a thrilling watch.