Bhoot Returns: Movie Review

Review: Creaky doors, randomly inserted loud noises, long silent walks down a flight of stairs etc. Antics that would scare you if you lived in the 70’s. Even children will laugh at that now. Bhoot Returns is a 90 minute long wait where audiences are frustrated waiting to be scared. The scare unfortunately never happens. Barring one scene that sends mild tingles down your spine, there is nothing scary about this bhoot that has supposedly returned.

To add to your grievances, this one is in 3D. So odd camera angles, that is now an RGV (Ram Gopal Varma) trademark, are amplified – a ceiling fan’s point of view shot or a wall clock’s point of view shot and other such visual madness. There is water splashed on your face twice, in 3D. Mr. RGV Sir, if I want water splashed on my face I’ll go to my bathroom, I don’t need to watch a 3D movie for that.

So, Tarun (JD Chekravorthy) and his wife (Manisha Koirala) move into a new house with their kids. Soon their 6 year old daughter makes friends with the bhoot in the house who is visible only to her and strange things begin to happen. The bhoot then begins to horrify the entire family. The synopsis suggests that we would find out why the bhoot is horrifying the family. What’s her story? But we never find out. So much time is spent in walking down the stairs in slow motion and opening creaky doors that all questions remain unanswered. No justification is provided.

From a director as talented as RGV, one expects more. And let’s not even get into the casting here, you start to miss Urmila Matondkar and her talent. But of course she was backed by a decent script in the 2003 Bhoot. A special mention for Madhu Shalini (plays the husband’s sister) and her long legs, amply showcased. Looks like RGV has a new favorite. She is a repeat from his earlier film this year – Department.

C’mon RGV, remember the 1992 movie Raat with Revathi, we loved that, now that was scary. Please give us a decent scare, it’s long overdue.

Verdict: Unintentionally funny, it disappoints as a horror movie. Avoidable.

Movie Details: 

Director: Ram Gopal Varma 
Cast & Crew: Manisha Koirala, JD Chekravorthy, Alayna Sharma, Madhushalini
Length: 1 hr 30 mins
Writer: Ravi Shankar

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