Verdict: A brilliant attempt at a psychological thriller that will keep you hooked.

Samir Soni has ventured into direction and his first directorial My Birthday Song is going to impress you as much as his acting skills. Starring Sanjay Suri and Nora Fatehi, this film will mess with your mind while you watch it and even keep you hooked to your seat after the movie ends.

What's My Birthday Song About:

My Birthday Song revolves around Rajiv (Sanjay Suri) and starts with his 40th birthday party. The party doesn't end well as Sandy (Nora Fatehi), an acquaintance, dies accidentally, but it all turns out to be a dream because Rajiv wakes up in the next scene and everything around him goes back to normal. But a series of weird instances on that day make him believe that his dream was actually going to come true. What if everything really repeats or is it just his imagination?

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What Works:

The flow of the movie keeps you hooked until the very end. Every scene has the potential to manipulate your brain into thinking about the plot differently. The series of events seem too real to deny and too unreal to accept. However, while all of this goes on in your head, the movie itself keeps you on the edge of your seat

The actors have done a good job too. Sanjay Suri carries the character of a confused and scared Rajiv effortlessly and everybody around him complements his character throughout. The first half of My Birthday Song sets up the plot in such a way that you spend the interval thinking about the second half of the movie.

The execution of the movie is remarkable as well. The story connects the dots with references from the entire movie that you only start realizing towards the end. And when it all comes together, you are just in your seat wondering how you missed it

What Could Have Been Better:

The dialogues of My Birthday Song become a little slow sometimes in the attempt to make it close to reality. While sometimes you may think that the movie is being stretched, as the movie proceeds, you'll want to know more and more.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

My Birthday Song is a different and a brilliant attempt by Samir Soni. This psychological suspense thriller has all the elements to belong to this genre and does complete justice to it. If you are the kind of person interested in thrillers, you cannot miss this one.