Director: Supavitra Babul
Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Amita Pathak
Synopsis: Bittoo Boss is a young, charming, ingenious and a fun-filled wedding cameraman who takes pride in calling himself a “Sesky Video Shooter”. He is the star of all wedding celebrations of Anandpur Sahib, a small town in Punjab. 
Bittoo believes in spreading happiness through the beautiful moments he captures, moments which you can rewind and keep watching for years and smile looking at them thus making them heartfelt experiences which last forever. He falls in love with an educated and strong-headed girl who makes him realize the importance of financial stability and monetary gains in order to gain respect and recognition. Smitten in love and bitten by the one he loves, the smart and righteous cameraman is lured to take a shortcut in order to earn a quick buck and get his life back on track. What follows is a madcap ride.
Review: Bittoo is your typical small town boy who works as a videographer at weddings. Just like most small town boys, he also has big dreams of making it big in the film industry.  And then of course there is the love interest, the sweet girl at the wedding. Set in the interiors of Punjab, ‘Bittoo Boss’ bears an uncanny resemblance to ‘Band, Baaja, Baraat’. So much so, that the lead Pulkit Samrat looks like a  ‘made in china’ version of ‘Ranvir  Singh’ . But, his acting seemed to show more potential than the rest of the cast. 
So, Mr. ‘I have big dreams’ Bittoo has to impress the girl by making money and fast. After running out of all options he gets pulled into the Blue Films business to place hidden cameras on unassuming couples at honeymoon destinations. But since he is the hero, his conscience gets the better of him and he decides that he’d rather be broke that make porn films. But this decision doesn’t come easy. It comes after 2 well written stories. These 2 stories are probably the only good pieces of writing you might find in the film. Both these stories of course help our hero put heart over money. He even delivers a speech in the end of the Blue film episode (How touching. Yeah right). 
From then on it becomes too Bollywoodized and commercial to enjoy. The film had potential to be a sincere entertainer. But the direction and writing was confused on whether to make it commercial or keep it sincere and raw. A mix of both made it boring and slowed down the pace of the film as well. 

Verdict: The film hangs in the uncertain space of not bad yet not good.

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