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Blackmail: Film Review – Absurd, Twisted & Hilarious

Verdict: A looney black comedy that makes for a side-splitting watch.

Abhinay Deo is a filmmaker who likes to explore the edgy, slightly dark side of cinema. The ad-cum-feature filmmaker impressed everyone with Delhi Belly and he is now back to the dark business with another black comedy, Blackmail, which is plain crazy.

What's Blackmail About:

The movie revolves around Dev (Irrfan Khan) who is married but stays late at work to play Pacman. Evidently, the spark in his married life is long gone. One day, taking the advice of a friend, Dev goes home early to rekindle the romance that is missing in his life but finds out that his wife Reena (Kirti Kulhari) is cheating on him with her ex-lover Ranjit (Arunoday Singh). Dev, burdened with EMIs and loans, decides to blackmail Ranjit in order to pay bills and teach him a lesson. However, he tells his plan to one of his office friends and everything goes haywire. Now, there are more blackmailers, ransom demands, his EMIs, and a broken marriage. Dev has to settle all these matters.

What Works:

The absurdity of the plot makes the movie highly engaging and funny. There are many unpredictable twists in the movie. The screenplay writer of the movie has written the plot so well that the characters of a thriller movie actually seem to have common sense, and they also use it. Realism in this movie is so on-point that it actually feels plausible.

The casting in the movie is on point too. An under confident husband, who self-admittedly doesn't work towards a better married life. Irrfan Khan has pulled off this character with a straight face, like a bause. Kriti Kulhari slays as a not-interested-in-my-husband-because-I-am-having-an-affair housewife. Arunoday Singh has carried his character of a good-for-nothing bodybuilder who is unemployed and the only son-in-law in a rich family with such stupidity, it's perfect. All the other supporting cast has performed brilliantly too.

Blackmail review - BookMyShow

The instances in the movie seem possible and unarbitrary at the same time. The film is satirical, brutal, wicked, stupid simultaneously and you'll laugh regardless of whatever feeling you subscribe to.

What Could Have Been Better:

There are certain repetitions and angles in the story that has very little relevance to the main plot yet have added a substantial amount of reel time in the movie. A little less emphasis on those would have helped the movie be crisper and sharper. However, the same also influences the fun side of the movie so everything ends well.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The movie has a whacky approach. The dazing absurdity of certain things and decisions in the movie make for an absolute hilarious ride. You laugh but you do not know if what you're laughing at is funny or just wrong. That's the beauty of a dark comedy. Irrfan Khan's performance is amazing and his fans should not miss this movie