2014 has been called as the year of the detective films. From Samrat & Co. earlier this year, to Bobby Jasoos starring Vidya Balan, two more films, namely Dibakar Banerjee‘s ‘Byomkesh Bakshi‘ and Anurag Basu‘s ‘Jagga Jasoos‘ starring Ranbir Kapoor, shall soon follow suit. Although there have been many detective films and TV shows in the past, nothing comes close to the fiesty  Bobby Jasoos.

Bilkis Ahmed aka Bobby Jasoos is a 30 year-old, single, career-oriented woman. She has no professional qualifications to be a private detective. Her good friends are also her assistants, but have a rather low reputation in the gallis of Mugalpura. Her dream in life – "Inhi chotti-chotti galiyon mein teri kismat chamkengi Bobby, Bilkis Ahmed isi Mughalpure main BOBBY JASOOS banke dikhayegi."

Bobby is an unsuccessful private detective and a burden to her family until one day, a rich man offers her a case and a big income to solve it. The case of finding the missing. Excited, she grabs the opportunity. The mysterious case and what follows turns to be the turning point of Bobby Jasoos’s life.

Samar Shaikh‘s Bobby Jasoos opens on an interesting note. Afreen (Anupriya Goenka) & Lala (Arjan Bajwa) are whispering sweet nothings to each other in an alley. Out of nowhere, a weird-looking maulvi appears and interrupts their privacy. That is none other than Bobby Jasoos. Soon one thing leads to another, building up the pace and laying the foundation for the movie. The first-half has the perfect combination of fun and mystery. The movie post-interval is equally flat and predictable. The movie comes to close with a perplexing end. Bobby Jasoos has too many petty things going on in one shot, resulting in the loss of the female protagonist’s power and vigor. Bobby Jasoos could have been a better affair had the storyline focused on mystery and thrill with a dash of other elements. Unlike vice-versa, as of now.

If not for Vidya Balan, Bilkis Ahmed aka Bobby Jasoos might have remained a lifeless, dull character.  She adds the perfect touch of bubbliness and boldness needed for the character. She effortlessly dons multiple disguises throughout the course of the film. When not in her detective mode, she carries the look of a typical Muslim girl from Hyderabad in a sharara salwar kameez, with aplomb. Ali Fazal looks good with the stubble, and is in perfect sync with his character, Tassavur. But their onscreen chemistry doesn’t create the magic to grab the audience’s attention. Supriya Pathak, Rajendra Gupta, Tanvi Azmi, Kiran Kumar and other supporting cast are the perfect pick for their respective characters in the film. Samar Shaikh makes a decent directorial debut with Bobby Jasoos. A film that could have been a blockbuster release ends abruptly. But writer Sanyukta Chawla maintains the warmth and charm throughout the movie. The witty dialogues rendered in Hyderabadi accent are quite impressive. Vishal Sinha has brilliantly-captured the bustling, colorful life of Hyderabad city through the lens of his camera. The cinematographer offers a visual treat, from the biryani feast to the lit-up gallis of Hyderabad. The music of the film is composed by Shantanu Moitra. ‘Jashn‘ is an enjoyable, hummable track. ‘Tu‘ is the best song from the film sans the Shahrukh Khan-styled act by Ali Fazal. Rest two tracks are worth forgetting. The mystery element and the comic timing may leave you befuddled with their respective placement.

Why should you watch this film?

A cute and simple story of a Muslim girl who goes against all odds to establish herself as a successful private detective. Vidya Balan, has pulled the film with her acting prowess proving her mettle as an actress, yet again. Bobby Jasoos is a decent watch, if you have nothing else planned for the weekend.


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