Verdict: A refreshing script in the Bollywood masala clutter.

Kangana Ranaut is known for her brilliant performances and bringing life into a character. Now the Queen is back and she has taken up an even more complex role. She plays the bubbly yet scared, up-front yet confined character in and as Simran, portraying the two completely opposite personality traits effortlessly.

The movie revolves around Praful Patel who lives with her parents and intends to buy a house of her own with her life savings. Just after booking a flat, as she awaits the loan approval, she is invited by one of her cousins to visit Las Vegas for a bachelorette. There she gets introduced to gambling and her beginner's luck helps her win a lot of money. But as soon as her luck fades, she loses all that she has made.

Simran Movie Review - BookMyShow Blog

Praful is always confused and a pro at messing things up. She is a quintessential Gujarati girl, who believes in saving money and bargains everywhere possible. She takes pride in her work but is often condescended for doing basic cleaning and dusting roles – "I work for the housekeeping department of the hotel industry," she reiterates. She lives life on her own terms and is not afraid of accepting her mistakes. But the Vegas trip was one big blunder and she has to go beyond her limits to get things back in place.

With feathers like Shahid and Aligarh in his cap, Hansal Mehta has raised people's expectations as a director who creates a difference in the Bollywood clutter. Simran is indeed refreshing. It is not your typical love story or a life lesson with a hard-hitting moral in the end, but an important chapter from a person's life that changes everything.

The flow of the movie is kept atypical too. It is not the regular building-the-plot in the first half and ending-the-story in the second. The movie takes you through ups-and-downs in Simran's life, teaching you to find happiness in the smallest things, even in the time of crisis.

Simran Movie Review - BookMyShow Blog

There are many supporting characters in the movie with detailed characteristics. They are as brutal as required and as sweet as one can be. It is hard to find a flaw in their performances. In the acting department, Kangana is an epitome of talent. While she has done similar roles in the past, she gives every character a different spin. Praful is highly entertaining and probably one of her best roles till date.

The film is shot in Atlanta and hence you follow a different lifestyle with the way things progress. But the director didn't miss out on adding some Indian references to make the movie relatable and all the more fun. There are also a few songs that go with the flow perfectly.

The film is a fascinating story of a housekeeping worker-turned gambler-turned robber and has everything you look for – drama, thrills, comedy, and even a little romance.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
The story is refreshing and has everything you look for in a movie with an added flavor of Kangana Ranaut's awesomeness. She has done a brilliant job and her fans are in for a treat. It gives you something you do not see in Bollywood movies usually. We assure you that you'll come out of the theatres with a happy face.

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