Verdict: A slice-of-life movie that urges you to stand up for the Sunday you deserve.

Sunday is indeed the favorite day of the week for everyone. It is a break that everyone deserves and enjoys. And the same day of the week is the premise that this movie revolves around. In a city like Mumbai, famous for being jam-packed with humans, five friends try to find space for themselves after the only recreational space they had is banned for sports.

What's It About:
Tu Hai Mera Sunday revolves around five friends – Arjun (Barun Sobti), Rashid (Avinash Tiwari), Dominic (Vishal Malhotra), Mehernosh (Nakul Bhalla) and Jayesh (Jai Upadhyay) who meet every Sunday to play football and take a break from their everyday lives. However, it is not just the game that brings them together.

One day, Arjun finds an old man, Appa (Shiv Subramaniam), and takes him with them to play football. During the game, Appa kicks the football and it hits a socialite/politician's face in the middle of a press conference. This leads to a ban on sports at the Juhu beach. Now that the major highlight of their Sunday is struck off their routine, all of them are pushed into different worlds, trying to find an alternative, doing new things and testing their friendship.

What Works:
The slice-of-life genre is a hard one to attempt as it may turn out to be dull if not executed properly. However, this movie manages to entertain you with their relatable instances and fun moments. Every character is detailed enough for you to understand their background and their approach. The way friendship and love have been portrayed in the movie, it can only be done if the actors truly adapt to their well-etched characters. The actors are flawlessly candid and score full marks for their performances. The pace of the movie is not too slow neither too fast and keeps you interested. The music of the movie is hummable and the tune of Tu Hai Mera Sunday will stick with you for a while.

What Could Have Been Better:
The story lags a little bit in the second half but the silent awkwardness between Arjun and Kavi make you reminisce your awkward moments with your partner. There are a few things that have been exaggerated and the movie could have done equally well without them, but then they do add up to the entertainment.

Why You Should Watch:
This movie serves as a break from the over-the-top Bollywood commercial cinema and gives you a slice of life that you'll relate to. Barun Sobti and Shahana Goswami have given great performances and the fans are up for a treat. The movie urges you to stand up for yourself and for your Sunday. Take your well-deserved break and catch this movie with your family as soon as possible.