With the trailer exuding the Khiladi 786 and Rowdy Rathore aura, one would have thought the film to be just like Khiladi’s previous action-comedy ventures. With yet another remake, one would have thought the film to be a frame-by-frame copy of the original, Pokkiri Raja. However, based on the same storyline, the film Boss turns out to be sheer entertainment.

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The premise of many cinema-lovers, derived after they watched the trailer, said that the film is an exact copy of Pokkiri Raja. But the film with its Bollywoodian-look and feel will appease those who have not watched the original. Anthony D’souza, whose action-thriller, Blue, tanked at the Box Office, makes a great comeback with Boss. What’s particularly taken care of in the film are the action sequences, which has been given tadka of comedy. And comedy too stands alone, bright and invigorating. Kumar’s whimsical character with a rowdy essence and the naughtiness, appeals to the viewers and does get applauded for its sullen yet calm, fuming yet composed, irked yet mollified stance. The movie takes its own good time to take-off but catches speed and gets the viewers glued with its unthought-of jokes. Be it the bum-chiki-chiki-bum or ‘newcomer dialogues’ recitation, the film has a set of comic punches that make you laugh and clap.

At crux, the film revolves around the rivalry between two characters Ayushman Thakur (Ronit Roy) and Boss (Akshay Kumar). Shiv Pandit who plays Boss’s brother is the spark that infuses the rivalry between the two.

Flashback. At a young age, Surya (Boss) is thrown out of his house by his father (Mithun Chakraborty). Surviving the follies of fate, he meets Big Boss (Danny Denzongpa), a transport king. Impressed by the boy’s sharp wit and spontaneity, Big Boss takes him under his wing and Surya then becomes the Boss.

Flashforward to 15 years. Boss’s brother Shiv has moved to Delhi where he comes across a damsel, Ankita (Aditi Rao Hydari) and falls in love with her. When the love affair is disclosed, Shiv becomes the target of Ankita’s brother, Ayushman Thakur’s hatred. Thakur is an infamous & ruthless cop. Pulling the reins of law that he wrongly exercises, Thakur, indicts Shiv with multiple unbailable charges, torturing him in the confines of the prison.

Cut to the chase… Boss arrives, to right the wrong and to reunite with his family. What follows is a mix of emotions, drama, action and comedy that make the film a complete Bollywood-ishtyle masala flick.

Iss film main hero hai, villain hai, gaane hai, love story hai, action hai, drama hai aur iss film main baap bhi hai….Paying a tribute to all the fathers, the film has one heart-touching track which will be heard throughout the film. However, the other songs of the film are less likely to enchant the audience and are forced to avoid the void. Amongst the elements that will amuse the viewers, one is the ishtyle of our Boss to beat up the goons; he’d want the cheerleaders cheering him and the music blazing so that he can mash the ragamuffins to his satisfaction, while the other is the cruelty imparted by Ronit Roy’s character. Roy’s character is callous, brutal, vicious and capricious. Kumar, who justifies the lead role, shall face tough competition by Roy, who comes across as a wicked villain. The film brings in a few characters that either add an oomph factor to the scene or an ‘aah’ factor. The only disappointment in the film is the character of Zoravar Singh played by Johnny Lever. A man who holds a PHD in comedy, acts as a filler in the entire film and is only seen in 3-4 scenes, for less than 2-3 minutes!

But if these flaws and hollows are to be overlooked, the film’s quirky dialogues, the characters and the emotions give you an entertainment that’s worth your money. 

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