Verdict: A moving story told in an incredibly sincere and candor fashion. 

From the impoverished by-lanes of a slum in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha to the politicos whose propaganda and seat-warming penchant leads to the death of a sports dream everyday. Budhia Singh – Born to Run is an incredibly sincere effort made to highlight a tragedy, and an injustice suffered in 2006. 

Budhia Singh (Mayur Patole) was just five years old when he was sold for Rs.850 by his impoverished mother Sukanti (Tillotama Shome). They lived in a shanty in Bhubaneshwar.  His paths crossed with Biranchi Das (Manoj Bajpayee) who saved him from the man who had purchased him.  Along with his wife Gita (Shruti Marathe), Das used to run a Judo training center for orphans. Budhia finds his way into Biranchi’s home and slowly into his heart when the coach discovers his talent for running. A story that should have given India its Olympic hope slowly turns into a game for propaganda, and ends up in a Government Sports Hostel. 
Budhia Singh – Born to Run
Director Soumendra Padhi has done a great job at painting a sincere picture of Budhia. The film shows both sides of Biranchi – the tough coach, and the man who loved Budhia like his son. But never does the film offer a judgement. The film also shows the ugly face of politics. The first half of the film is used for developing the story and getting the audience acquainted with the story. It is the second half of the film that excels at touching the audience. The director’s style becomes much more prominent in the later half. From the sound effects to each of the frame of the Puri to Bhubaneshwar marathon, each shot is praise-worthy

The script is everything you want in a film – it strikes the right chord. It keeps you entertained and makes its point well. Manoj Bajpayee is brilliant as the coach. Mayur Patole does an extraordinary job as the five year old. The supporting actors are well cast, and deliver splendid performances. The champion of the movie, however, is writer-director Soumendra Padhi. He has not only made a brilliant film but has managed to touch upon a story and make a point with it. 

What’s heart-rendering is the fact that the five-year old marathon runner is now fourteen years old, and still waiting for someone to let him run. For someone to let him fulfill the dream of his coach to run for India in Olympics 2016. It’s high time we check with the calendar, and with our country’s reality.

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 

You should watch Budhia Singh – Born to Run to know the story of a five-year old whose dreams we quashed. Maybe not you and I, but India as a country, and as a system that has failed one of its own. Watch Budhia Singh’s incomplete story, as he still waits for his Olympic dream.