If you thought entertainment meant hours and hours of superstars grilling on the dance floor or high-octane action, just take a break and go watch Chaar Cutting.

Just like cutting chai, this film offers many flavors of cinema. Chaar Cutting is a compilation of four short stories. There’s drama, romance, comedy and also a hint of thriller. It’s usually more difficult to master the various aspects of filmmaking in a short film. But Chaar Cutting manages to grasp our attention with its unique stories. They are short, sweet and superb.

Chaar Cutting features four short films. Manila Running, Skin Deep, Bawdi and finally, Blouse.

What will you do, when you are on a strange land and a random lodge owner offers you a bowl of fish head soup? Run, of course! Manila Running, directed by Anuj Gulati takes us on a hilarious trip with his short film. The film follows the story of a French man -Jacques who lands in Manila on a "secret mission", but chaos ensues, when he encounters strange locals. Layered with sharp cinematography and background score, Manila Running is a total winner.

Hardik Mehta’s Skin Deep traces the story of a young couple. Written by Vikramaditya Motwane, Skin Deep is a complex tale of love. The actors give genuine performances in the film which is a major boost. However, same cannot be said about the cinematography. The night shots are extremely grainy and blurred.

Bawdi directed by Vivek Soni takes us down the barren lands of Rajasthan. Both thought-provoking and beautifully shot, Bawdi will keep you hooked on to the very last scene.

How far will you go to get a perfect gift for your beloved? But, we bet no one can beat Shyam in this game of love. Blouse directed by Vijayeta Kumar, is a simple story of Shyam, a school master, who just wants to get a perfect blouse for his loving wife Roopa. The problem? He doesn’t have the measurements. Lined with fine humor, vivid characters and stunning cinematography, Blouse will charm you right from the beginning to the very last frame.

Why should you watch Chaar Cutting?

Chaar Cutting isn’t a glossy starstruck film. It features four simple stories, and everyone can relate to it. It’s realistic and more humane. Go watch Chaar Cutting, if you’re bored of the same old cookie-cutter approach to films from Bollywood.