Chashme Baddoor: Movie Review

Review: Time for yet another remake, this time from the unsurpassed King of Comedy, David Dhawan whose films Raja Babu, Aankhen and all the No. 1 series starring his lucky charm Govinda found a dedicated group of cinema-goers in the 90s. After a long break, the director returns with a remake of the classic 1981 comedy, Chashme Buddoor starring Farooque Sheikh, Deepti Naval, Ravi Baswani and Rakesh Bedi. Despite claims that this would be a ‘remake’ of the original – there is nothing common about the two films. For one, it’s unjust to compare a classic comedy with a new-age film; yes, the chemistry that the actors share in the film is impeccable yet the magic of the classic film is still amiss. Perhaps, this is where the loss of an actor like Ravi Baswani is greatly felt. His performances in Chashme Buddoor and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron are ones that shall always be remembered. Then is the perfect chemistry that Deepti Naval and Farooque Sheikh shared – from Saath-Saath to Kisise Naa Kehna to Chashme Buddoor and more.

David Dhawan’s version of the film is a fun-filled journey that starts with a ‘rebellion’ and proceeds into the serene locales of Goa. The cinematography may give you the feeling that you’re in the city watching all the drama unfold in real life. Full of gags, obvious jokes and amazing performances by the entire star cast – Ali Zafar, Siddharth, Divyendu Sharma, Tapsee Pannu and the veterans Rishi Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Lilette Dubey. Yes, the list is long. But all of them are so good that they’d only end up stunning and impressing the audiences. It’s equivalent to watching the chemistry that Govinda and Sanjay Dutt shared in the previous David Dhawan films that you see amongst the three relatively new actors in Bollywood. Besides, bromance is the new trend now where three is no longer crowd but great company.

The film shall have you almost falling off your chairs laughing ’cause of the mild insinuations towards the parallel thought about things, or the ‘heard-it-many-times-before’ jokes yet is a refreshing film to watch and spend your money on. May be take your friends along. Also, if you’re looking for logic, please avoid stepping into the theaters. This one’s strictly for the people who enjoy life light-hearted. The songs are peppy especially the Har Ek Friend song which quickly became a favorite amongst audiences today, regardless of the age. It’s apt and tells the usual story in approx 4 mins. What was inapt however was the complete wash-off of Ms. Chamko who became so popular in the original film. One would have expected a tribute of a certain kind to the classic since this version has been co-written by David Dhawan and Sai Paranjpye (director of Chashme Buddoor). Alongwith the spellings in the movie title, the look and feel completely changed. From a standalone viewpoint, it is very good. Please avoid the comparison part. It’s not right. A fan of comedies such as these would relate well to this.

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