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Chef: Film Review – An Appetizing Slice-of-life Drama

Verdict: The perfect desi tadka to the Hollywood remake.

Based on the Hollywood flick that goes by the same name (written and directed by Jon Favreau), Chef, is almost like Saif’s come back on the big screen. After a few damp films at the box-office, the Nawab’s recent release is a heart-warming drama that satisfies your hunger for good cinema. It manages to cover the issues of mid-life crisis, identity struggle and single-parents woes, rather gracefully.

What’s It About:

Roshan Kalra or famously known as Chef Roshan K. (Saif Ali Khan) dreamt of being a part of the food industry ever since his childhood days. He was raised in that part of the country which is known for the most salivating delicacies – Chandni Chowk. At the age of 15, he decides to run away from home and pursue his dream. Now in his forties, Roshan is an acclaimed chef in New York’s Galli Kitchen. However, Roshan, the guy who adored cooking, soon starts treating it more as a livelihood and loses his temper at the smallest of things. Due to his indecent behaviour with a customer, Roshan loses his job and on a friend’s advice, takes a break and returns to India. There he tries to mend his strained relationship with his son, Armaan a.k.a. Ary (Svar Kamble) and his ex-wife, Radha Menon (Padmapriya).

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What Works:

Raja Krishna Menon has worked wonders with his direction and has successfully managed to keep you glued to your seats throughout the film. The star cast,  which boasts of a number of Mollywood actors, is just on point and serve as the perfect ingredients to the gripping storyline.

Saif’s character is shown to be a bit humorous when he tries to bond with his son, Ary who has been raised single-handedly by Radha in Kochi. And while the father and son bond over tomato chutney and loads of other food items, their chemistry is impeccable.

If you are a real foodie, make sure you fill your tummy before you go for this movie. The food shown in the movie is sure to leave you feeling hungry. Moreover, the scenic locales of Kochi may just evoke the wanderlust within you.  The movie also stars Milind Soman, as a rich Malayalee businessman. This is something that should definitely pull you to the theaters.

What Could Have Been Better:

While the film is an official adaptation of the Hollywood Chef, the Bollywood remake does not really delve into the details of the profession. While Saif was shown cooking quite a few dishes, we would have loved to see more of cooking, also since the actor honed his cooking skills for the movie. 

Roshan's sudden turnaround, his idea of having a food-truck and the things that change for the good, kind of make you believe that anything is possible in a Bollywood drama. The weak climax does little to help the movie.  

Why You Should Watch:

A touching family drama aided by a talented star-cast is what best describes Chef. It is an emotional roller coaster ride that will leave you with a smile on your face. It makes for a pleasant watch with family this weekend.

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