Verdict – Chhichhore takes a bunch of “losers” and delivers a winner.

All eyes are on Nitesh Tiwari’s film Chhichhore. After giving us a super hit film like Dangal, the expectations from this director were high, and Chhichhore has managed to take a relevant topic about success and failure in the context of education and weaved together a story laced with humor, emotions, and lots of heart.

What’s Chhichhore About:

Children have to face unprecedented amounts of pressure while preparing for competitive entrance exams and so often, their entire world revolves around their studies. Failure brings them down even further, making some contemplate suicide. This is the premise that Chhichhore as a film explores through its characters and storyline. We meet the loving Anni (Sushant Singh Rajput), his ex-wife Maya (Shraddha Kapoor) and their son Raghav who is stressed over the JEE entrance exam he appeared for. His parents being rank holders in this exam have done little to alleviate his fears. When his results arrive, Raghav doesn’t make the cut and he attempts suicide as he feels he’s just a “loser.” Raghav is now critical in the hospital but the doctor has told Anni and Maya that he has “no will to live.” In an attempt to help his son, Anni reminisces about his college days when he and his chhichhore were labeled as “losers”. Soon a reunion takes place where Anni calls his friends to Mumbai in an attempt to tell Raghav a story about friendship, perseverance, and hope. We meet Sexa (Varun Sharma) the sex maniac, angry young man Acid (Naveen Polishetty), mummy’s boy also called Mummy (Tushar Pandey), Bevda (Saharash Kumar Shukla) the alcoholic; and Derek (Tahir Raj Bhasin) or “hum sab ka baap” as he was referred to.

What Works:

Each of these friends has a unique personality and their characters are extremely well explored in this film. The actors nail their performances as their younger selves. This film has some absolutely hilarious moments that make you laugh and some emotional moments that make you feel for the characters. Chhichhore, as a film manages to let you get nostalgic as it takes you down memory lane to the good old college days. It also does a good job to showcase that ‘success’ isn’t contingent on one event or exam but on a journey of learning from failures and rising above challenges to overcome.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While the actors deliver great performance as their younger selves, they don’t quite do justice to their older characters. Parts of the narrative can also be downright sexist. The transitions between the past and present aren’t as seamless as they should be. In spite of a few things that could have been better, Tiwari manages to deliver a film with a heart on a topic that is very pertinent.

Why You Should Watch:

Chhichhore is an entertainer through and through and makes for a great watch with your own chhichhore. It’s a film that fills you with emotion and leaves you smiling as you exit the theatre.

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