Review: The story starts with The King of Dholakpur, Raja Indravarma wanting to meet his sister who is married to the King of Bali and their very charming son Prince Arjun. He meets and talks to the most famous gang of Dholakpur which is led by our favorite Chhota Bheem, Raju, Chutki and the rest.

Rajkumari Indumati requests her father to take the gang with them and they set out on a beautiful ship. The animation of the movie is exactly like it is in the cartoon series. Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Balirevolves around the very vile and vicious Da ayan Rangda, who is extremely ugly and frightening. Her voice and character really make you wonder if a 4-year old would be brave enough to bare it on screen. Rangda is an evil half-lizard half-witch and she was destroyed by the Guardian God of Bali, Barong. She is back now after many years, stronger and ready to destroy Bali, Barong and take over the world with her evil powers. Chotta Bheem and his friends help Prince Arjun fight the evil witch and her lizardmen who have already destroyed half of Bali and kidnapped his parents.

Though the animation is very mediocre, there was a good show of Balinese art and culture throughout the backdrop and the stories. The story continues with the kids meeting various kinds of characters like snake-men who guard the Temple of Barong and the tribal people with amazing weapons.

Chotta Bheem does get defeated once but is able to get his strength back with Chutki’s healing laddoos. He and Prince Arjun and the others manage to rescue the King and Queen of Bali and start their very tough crusade to fight Rangda who has become even more powerful and is all set to destroy everything.

Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali is a decent story of courage and bravery which Chotta Bheem always displays which also may make you want your children to watch it and learn from it. Other than that just be ready for a nice pastime and to see a smile on your kid ‘s face.


Guest Reviewer: Payal Khan

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