Verdict: The lovable Chhota Bheem and his gang deliver a bada dhamaka.

One of the most successful animated franchises in India, Chhota Bheem has been winning over the hearts of young kids for over a decade. Created by Rajiv Chilaka, Chhota Bheem premiered on Pogo TV as a television show back in 2008. It took us into the life of a young yet powerful boy named Bheem and his friends from the fictional kingdom of Dholakpur. Over the years, the super successful show has inspired tons of TV and cinema movies and even a spin-off Netflix show titled Mighty Little Bheem. Now, the lovable little character is set to hit the big screen once again in Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka.

What’s Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka About:

Emperor Jian is hosting the annual international Kung Fu competition for the strongest warriors of the world in China. As the world’s top fighters assemble, the Emperor’s daughter Kia and her best friend Ming welcome Chhota Bheem and his whole gang of friends from Dholakpur. The competition begins and Bheem fights his way to one of the final rounds but things don’t go as planned. In the middle of the competition, the Emperor’s evil banished nephew kidnaps Princess Kia leaving only the bravest fighters to help in her rescue. Chhota Bheem is more than up for the fight and ready to do whatever it takes to bring Kia back. With the help of his friends and the wisdom of a wise man that he meets along the way, Bheem goes after Zuhu to help out Princess Kia and all the people that Zuhu has enslaved.

What Works:

The laddu-loving Chhota Bheem has become an icon among the young Indian audiences and the expectations for his latest feature film have been high. Creator-director Rajiv Chilaka takes this wonder boy up a notch in a brand new adventure with a never-before-seen level of animation excellence in Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka. Ever since the first opening scene gives us a tour of the land of the dragon in China, it is evident that this animated film is going to be visually stunning. Speaking of China, it is also exciting to see Chhota Bheem and his gang in a new environment outside Dholakpur. This escapade is packed with many vibrant characters and there are plenty of surprises to go around. Kids can even take home some valuable lessons from the latest Chhota Bheem adventure.

What Could’ve Been Better:

There are some moments in the film that were mostly used as fillers which could have been overlooked. Also, certain supporting characters didn’t get closure in the climax.

Why You Should Watch:

Chhota Bheem fan or not, this adventure is a thoroughly entertaining watch. What’s even more exciting is that Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka is quite possibly a new benchmark for animated films in India.