Over the years many of us have forgotten the cataclysm of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. The nine months of anguish, suffering and massacre of many innocents that shook humanity. Mritunjay Devvrat recreates horror of the war in his film with an intense plot and haunting images.

Children of War chronicles the plight of Bangladeshis during the tumultuous time through three stories; a journalist (Indraneil Sengupta) who is separated from his wife (Raima Sen), a young brother and sister who are the only inhabitants of a village, and an old man (Victor Banerjee) who is leading his people to safety. Mritunjay beautifully molds the elements of separation, survival and compassion in his debut film.

Shots that are slightly disturbing with an undercurrent of violence may suck you into duress but Devrat’s Children of War proceeds with such a fluid pace that the film, even with all the extremeties, will not dissapoint. The shots are brilliant and the characters; they are strong, powerful and leave an impact so beautiful that you will literally feel the emotions flowing through your veins. The actors gave a stellar performance. The late Farooque Sheikh as Mojid – a rebel leader, was at his usual best. Pavan Malhotra as Malik did a brilliant job. Never before has an antagonist had such a powerful screen presence. The resonant soundtrack by Sidhant Mathur and Ishaan Chhabra adds to the brilliance of the film.

The only factor that might disappoint is the run time. Some of the scenes are prolonged and could’ve been cut short; which some may feel as a setback to this otherwise brilliant film.

Why must you watch the film?
It is very rare feat to watch a film that captures a vivid portrait of war. Mritunjay Devvrat’s Children of War will remind you of a blood-soaked saga that is long forgotten. It will shock you to the core. Even if you are not a great fan of war-drama, watch Children of War for its well-documented and ingenious projection of war pathos.

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