Verdict: A heart-warming journey of discoveries and adventures.

Sunny Pawar‘s debut film Lion won him global accolades and awards. The film was nominated for six categories at the 89th Academy Awards. He, as a child, has achieved a lot that many people dream of and dreams is what this movie is all about. Written and directed by Safdar Rahman, Chippa made its debut at MAMI 2018. It revolves around a 10-year-old boy and is bound to take you to your childhood.

What’s Chippa About:

Chippa is a boy living on the pavement who is handed a letter written to him by his long-absent father just a day before his 10th birthday. He decides to leave his roadside abode and embarks on a journey to find out the content of the letter which is in Urdu script. What follows is a coming-of-age tale of a 10-year-old boy where he creates a world for himself in a wintry night of Kolkata.

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What Works:

There’s no doubt that the protagonist breathes life into the story. It is Sunny’s dialogue delivery, his energy, or probably the characterization of Chippa, that as the movie progresses consciously moves you into the story. He keeps you interested while doing just the normal things. During the journey, Chippa doesn’t show you the Kolkata that you’ve seen in Bollywood movies with Victoria Memorial, Eden Garden, Hoogly river, Ghats or Salt Lake. He takes you to the nights of the city where drunk men wander senselessly or prostitutes vanish in a car, where a policeman gives you a ride, and taxis have garden above them. It is not as dark as the night but it definitely is a discovery for the kid. Some of it might seem imaginary, some of it is imaginary, but all of it is beautiful.

Chippa makes you look back and reminisce your childhood days where you wondered what would your city look like in the dark night while you were sleeping comfortably in your house. The movie is definitely for all the children but it does have a few lessons for adults as well.

What Could Have Been Better:

The movie is like a short story from the book of Chippa’s life. From the perspective of the movie, every character has its own space but it sure leaves you feeling that some of them could have been explored more.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch the movie for the pure innocence of it. It shows you a journey that probably every adult has thought about in their childhood. All the adventures, dreams and ideas that are conveyed through a 10-year-old boy, makes for a delightful watch. Chippa is highly recommended for everyone of every age.