Films about complexity of relationships don’t come much smoother than Manu Warrier’s debut feature film Coffee Bloom. With a sundry of characters, Warrier’s film is as fresh as a cup of coffee. It is warm, strong and unsweetened.

Dev Anand is a man with sombre expressions. In his free time, he listens to spiritual audio recordings and reads the Amar Chitra Katha comic books. Dev’s life takes a drastic turn when his mother dies. He returns to the coffee estate at Coorg, once owned by his family that he had sold off against his mother’s wishes. There, amidst the lush coffee plantation, Dev comes face-to-face with the reality and the ghost of his past relationships.


People say sometimes we need to get lost, to find ourselves. No matter how cryptic it might sound, it’s true. It is interesting to watch Dev’s self-discovery. His behavior is eccentric yet endearing. Warrier brilliantly scripted the character of his protagonist. At times you will hate the character of Dev, but still empathize with his situation. The versatile actor Arjun Mathur gives an unparalleled performance as Dev. The actor once again proved his acting prowess. The lighthearted puns of Srinivas (played by Mohan Kapoor) adds on to the perkiness of the film. Both the female characters, Anika (played by Sugandha Garg) and Sondha (played by Nandini Sen) are intricately weaved into the film.

The cinematography by Yogesh Jaani is impeccable. He beautifully captures the serene yet deeply mysterious land of Coorg.

Manu Warrier uses drama to explore human behavior, morality and relationships. And yes, he made a perfect a brew.

Why should you watch the film?
Coffee Bloom may not be everyone’s cup of coffee. But once in a while, there comes a film which refreshes our mind and soul. Coffee Bloom is one of them. It takes us deep into the tangled emotions of its characters, one sip at a time. And, in the end we are left with a refreshing afterglow. Just like the morning cup of coffee.

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