Verdict: An action-packed return of Captain Karanvir Singh Dogra.

When a first day first show is filled with decently-built young men, you know someone very good looking is going to be on screen. Vidyut Jammwal has a very different kind of fan following, indeed.

Demonetisation has changed a lot of things. Some are happy, some are not, but there are only few who turned the situation to their advantage, the Commando 2 crew being one of them. The movie begins with a montage of newspapers with news about demonetisation, black money, Swiss banks, farmer suicides and related issues, offering you a glimpse of what all the movie is going to be about. Cut to a close-up of huge biceps, and then Vidyut Jammwal's pretty face, cut to the biceps again. While you are still getting over the chiseled body, Vidyut starts with his stunts and action already. Ten minutes into the movie and you have your adrenaline pumping.

The story of the film revolves around a black money agent Vicky Chaddha, who has an account of all the black money that has gone out of India and can probably solve all the economic troubles of our country. He is arrested abroad and and a team of four officers – Bakhtawar (Freddy Daruwala), Bhavna (Adah Sharma), Zafar (Sumit Gulati) and Captain Karanvir Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jammwal) – are sent by the Indian Government to get him back to the country, safe. There are both good people and bad people after that money, following plot twists, a few dead bodies and a helluva lot of action.

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If you've watched the first Commando, you know what you can expect from this movie and it delivers just that. Narendra Modi has done his bit in getting the black money out and now it's the Commando's turn. Vidyut starts with climbing a building and jumps through the smallest spots possible, shows off all his martial-art moves and beats up the baddies. He falters on the acting bit but this is just his third movie and the first-day-first-show had an almost full house. He must be doing something right. He is back with bigger biceps and more muscles. There's not one angle that could make him look bad in this shape.

Adah Sharma, plays a female cop Bhavna Reddy, has a South-Indian accent and loves foreign-made things, but makes an exception by falling in love with Karan who is truly made in India. As pretty as she is, she looks even more stunning in the movie. As a corrupt officer and an encounter specialist, she'd make you laugh throughout the movie. Esha Gupta adds to the beauty quotient of the movie, so do a couple of other good looking boys. Thakur Anoop Singh must be given a special mention as he is one unexpected surprise package that will make this movie full paisa wasool if the other things already mentioned didn't do it for you.

As per Bollywood's scheme of things, a gripping plot is rare in an action movie; Commando 2 stays true to that. While filming all the good looking people at dreamy locations, the makers actually lost the plot when it came to the story. Fifteen minutes into the movie and you see things going haywire. The anticipation for the next fight scene is the only thing that keeps you hooked. There are many twists that you'd least expect but that wouldn't change things much. However, the film moves fast and hence you'll never be bored.

Surprisingly there are no songs during the movie except Hare Krishna Hare Ram during the end credits. However, the background score is amazing that matches the pace of the movie.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you are someone who admires Vidyut Jammwal, you should know that he is at his best in this one. You like action? You go watch this one. Watch it for Adah Sharma. Her character is way too much fun. Also, the climax scene is something else.