True to its name, Crazy Cukkad Family is the story of a “Beri” crazy family (pun intended)! The plot revolves around Mr. Beri, the family Patriarch, who is going strong in his third round of coma; while his estranged family of four offspring is gathered around, not-so-patiently but rather hopefully, for the coma to come to a full stop. After all, Mr. Beri is no ordinary man – his estate is so massive, it qualifies to have its own pin-code!

As for his progeny: they range from a swindler, Pawan Beri (Swanand Kirkire), caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a don-turned-politician – Archana Beri (Shilpa Shukla) a dissatisfied, former aspirant for Miss India, currently trapped in an unhappy marriage to Digvijay (Ninad Kamat). Aman Beri (Kushal Punjabi) is an NRI from New York flaunting his “firangi biwi” and a glamorous job. But in reality, he has found his wife at an illegal green card agency and the only glamour his job offers is the lights he sets up. And last but definitely not the least, Chotu (Siddharth Sharma) from New Zealand, who actually does live a ‘firangi life’, is married to his boyfriend, and is excitedly planning a sex-change operation. Certainly, this is no ordinary family!

To add chaos to this prevailing confusion, old man Beri leaves a will with terms and conditions that force his crazy critters to unite for the sake of his legacy. Sibling rivalry, emotion, confusion and madness thrown in with hot girls, funny sequences and a catchy jig makes for total time pass. Crazy Cukkad Family is a one-time watch entertainment, that has you leaving the screening with a goofy grin in a lighthearted state of mind.

Why you should watch this film?
Comical, crazy, chaotic, confusion – that’s what Crazy Cukkad Family is. It will make you laugh, it will make you frown and it may even drive you crazy. But most importantly, it will provide you the entertainment you sought when you decided to watch it!

By Maithili Khansaheb

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