Verdict: De De Pyaar De is a great way to spend 2 odd hours.

After watching Ajay Devgn in action films like Singham and slapstick comedy films like the Golmaal series, it’s refreshing to watch him in a film like De De Pyaar De. Editor-turned-director Akiv Ali directs this caper and gives the audience a funny flick.

What’s De De Pyaar De About:

The story revolves around a 50-year-old charismatic and attractive investment banker Ashish Mehra (Ajay Devgn), who’s settled in London . He meets Ayesha (Rakul Preet Singh), a 26-year-old engineer, who has chosen to work at a bar because she likes excitement. Ayesha is extremely good looking, full of life, and likes to live life in the moment. Ashish and Ayesha meet and start flirting with each other. Soon Ayesha falls in love with Ashish, who also falls for her, and the two soon start living together. Life is rosy and romantic, full of pillow fights, and in a phase where they cannot keep their hands off of each other. Ashish tells her about his failed marriage and she is okay with this. However, their relationship starts changing when Ashish brings Ayesha to India to make her meet his family. His family consists of his ex-wife Manju (Tabu), his parents, and his kids who are Ayesha’s age.

What Works:

Ajay Devgn scores a full 10 when it comes to charisma and looks. His sense of humor is dry and it makes its own kind of funny moments. Devgn has given a good performance, especially in his scenes with Tabu. Rakul Preet Singh looks the part of a perky, full-of-life, independent 20-something girl and she has given her best to Ayesha. Tabu is the voice of reason and sort of dominates the screen due to no one’s fault; she is just fabulous. She is graceful and her chemistry with her Vijaypath co-star is just marvellous. It’s refreshing to see Javed Jaffrey as Ashish’s shrink. The dialogues are funny for the most part. The first half is hilarious and the interval sets up a very interesting premise for the second half.

What Could’ve Been Better:

It’d have been great had Ayesha’s character been explored more. The second half has many plot points and smaller storylines that could’ve been done away with to slightly reduce the film’s runtime. Some jokes seemed repetitive.

Why You Should Watch:

De De Pyaar De is a funny film that slides in themes like live-in relationships and single parenthood subtly and effectively. The jokes are actually funny and all the actors have given good performances. De De Pyaar De is a great way to spend 2 odd hours this weekend.

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