A small town girl. Moves to Mumbai, the city of dreams. Joins a small time job. Gets entangled in the thriving night life of the city. Drugs, music, alcohol. An illicit affair. Cops going bonkers. Revenge. Cliched? Yes, totally!

These are the kind of cliches that Bollywood gives us, which is fine as long as it lives up to the entertainment and masala quotient of the film. But then, if the film has shoddy execution, a star cast that would probably remembered for their raunchiness rather than their performance (acting), then you know that the film would turn out to be a bummer.

Jai Prakkash, known for movies like Chahat – Ek Nasha & Market fell short on this one. A small town girl from Meerut. Shalini, (Mahi Khanduri) moves to Mumbai and joins a company as a Computer Operator. She then befriends Neha who exposes Shalini to the night life of the city. Shalini then falls in love with a married man and things go haywire. Like mentioned earlier, a cliche. Also, the addition of ACP Dhoble brings another aspect into the film. Remember the cop who raided bars and pubs and ripped the city of its nightlife? Yes, that character.

The film, overall, is not something you would watch. The soundtrack is rather annoying, and the acting is dismal!

Why you may want to watch this film?
Apart from all the shodiness, the storyline, though cliched, is quite intriguing. The one true thing that is portrayed in this film is the "true" part of the things that happen in the city!

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