Someone once said, "No matter how long it takes, true love is always worth the wait", Deja Brew is one such story of a woman waiting endlessly for her lost love. It is pretty evident that she has been waiting a long time but she still continues to do so. Maybe because waiting is less painful than accepting that he will never come back again.

Everyone has their own story of lost love and heartbreak and everyone thinks that theirs is the most tragic. Until they meet someone who is a part of a one-sided story that will always remain incomplete. One such wanderer happens to find the lady and sees the pain in her eyes. He tries to capture this melancholy through his lens but he cannot capture the mystery that lies behind them. He looks at her as if he understands her pain and has made his peace with it but still aspires to solve the mystery.

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The short film conveys a lot in such limited time. It explores what it means to love and lose, to keep hoping in despair. It is a very simple comparison of two states of the mind – one that knows love can hurt and the other that is living that hurtful love story. The execution of the movie is pretty easy going and imparts a retro feel. There are no dialogues but a few lines in the background that explain everything.

It is not a piece to be critiqued basis the work of camera or crew but for one to understand the story that happens to be true for a lot of people. There are a lot of people like her, who are waiting for a deja vu, waiting for their lovers to come back even if it means that they would leave again because that would be enough. She will go through the rest of her life by reminiscing those moments with the love of her life.

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