The worst part of the election season is that Bollywood tends to ape the current tone, rather pulse, of the country. With that in mind, we get Dekh Tamasha Dekh. Directed by Feroz Abbas Khan, this movie shows us, through satire, how the great political game works. We get see to the whole country showcased in a microcosm. The standard clichés and tropes are used. The movie goes from being engaging to just a collection of these clichés. In the end, you are left with a film which attempts to be cutting but falls short.
The movie takes place in a coastal town, with a variety of characters. Satish Kaushik, Vinay Jain and Tanvi Azmi play some of the key characters of this little hamlet. The cast do a reasonable job bringing the satire to life. But the ideas are just the same and generic. Each role is classically slotted to represent our great and mind-boggling country. The town is filled with these roles. The movie has the standard elements of religion, politics, unscrupulous politicians, god-men, religious fanatics and the people caught in between. As the movie progresses, you get to see all these different elements engage each other, with predictable results. So you aren’t left with a feeling of wonder, but rather the feeling of “yes, this is the way things are in our world.” The length of the film drags the plot. Some of the acting will seem labored. And as always, watch out for the clichés. 
Why you should watch the film? 
The movie is one of the few that attempt satire in this day and age. We as a society are known to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, intended or unintended doesn’t matter. The film tries to bring that notion out. We have to start taking a step back and understand the way the world is running. If we don’t like it, we can change it. If we don’t do anything, like the election circus, it will just stay the same. Satish Kaushik brings his comic timing to the film and you will be delighted with his work. Feroz Abbas Khan has made a film about politics without setting aside some part of the public as the villain. It is an open satire, but it fails to strike a chord. This is a movie worth a weekend watch.

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