Two best friends, Gyani (Jay Bhanushali) and Pali (Akhil Kapur) grow up in the small town of Kanpur in UP. Playing and dealing with ‘desi kattey‘ (country-made pistols) since childhood, they desire to be the crime lords under the chatrachaya of Judge Saab (Ashutosh Rana). But as they grow up, they end up choosing two different life paths – ‘Acchai ka Rasta‘ and ‘Jurm ki Duniya‘. The rest of the story revolves around what unfolds in their respective course of life.

The film’s producer-director Anand Kumar offers a royal mash of several Hindi films. In short, Desi Kattey is Satya meets Sholay/Gunday meets Chak De! India. Yes, you guessed it right! Its a story of bromance in a underworld drama that concludes into a sports film. Could we ask for more from Zilla Ghaziabad‘s director? Guess NO. The film kicks off on a slow yet bearable note. But post-interval it is stretched beyond any logic or meaning.

Speaking of the cast, Jay Bhanushali and debutant Akhil Kapur‘s acting suffered a major blow due to the improper script. Their ‘bromance’ came across like they were in love with each other more than their respective love-interest. While Jay portrayed his skills as an actor in bits and peices, Akhil made a decent effort. The leading lady Tia Bajpai had nothing much to offer. On the other hand, the other leading lady, Sasha Agha looked hammed-up throughout the course of the film. The talent of supporting cast including Murali Sharma and Akhilendra Mishra seem wasted in Desi Kattey. The real stars of the show were Suniel Shetty and Ashutosh Rana. They were like a saving grace for otherwise useless katteys.

As far as the technical aspect of the film is concerned, cinematography by S R Sathish Kumar is worth appreciating. He has brilliantly captured the criminal world that dwells in the small town of Kanpur. Though the music is composed by Kailash Kher, his magical signature is missing, making the songs a passable fare. Even Claudia Ciesla‘s item number Patnewali isn’t a crowd-puller. Other technicalities including dialogues, editing and action are hardly worthy of being mentioned.

Overall, Desi Kattey is a film that can be avoided this weekend.

Why should you watch this film?

There aren’t good enough reason as to why you should watch Desi Kattey. But, if you have nothing else planned, you can plan a movie date with all your buddies.
A piece of advice: Don’t forget to shoot dead the memory of Desi Kattey before your leave the movie theatre.

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