As I watched Dhoom: 3, the words of the unnamed protagonist from Fight Club kept resonating in my ears, "Everything’s a copy of a copy."
The question to be asked is not whether Dhoom: 3‘s script was lifted off from a film; the question to be asked is how well it was done. Yes, Dhoom: 3 isn’t just inspired by Now You See Me, but it has taken something very central from its plot and made it, its own. Yes, it has several scenes that will remind you of The Batman series, Iron Man and also of The Fast and the Furious series. Yet, Dhoom: 3 is a job well-done and I will tell you why.

Dhoom: 3 is the story of Sahir, a circus entertainer. Sahir’s only motive in life is to avenge the death of his father, by robbing those, who he believes, were responsible for his father’s death.

What’s impressive?

Everybody loves to see good magic trick. Dhoom: 3 is full of magic tricks, both, in and out of the realms of a circus. And all these tricks have been well-woven into the plot of the film.

The Climax
The plot of the film has an unexpected climax, the kind that will leave you both surprised and curious. A pat on the back of Vijay Krishna Acharya, for having developed the plot in such a way.

Chase Scenes
The chase scenes in the film are mind-blowing and have easily surpassed all the chase scenes in the history of Indian Cinema. 

Graphics and Animation
The graphics and animation of the film are flawless and have set a high standard of visual perfection in Indian Cinema.

The dialogues penned down by Vijay Krishna Acharya and Prakash Bharadwaj fit each situation in the film perfectly. Wit, humor and emotions have been expressed through them in a fitting way.

Jackie Shroff
Jackie Shroff, as the father of the young Sahir, has a tiny role in the film; but his performance is laudable.

Uday Chopra
Uday Chopra is close to being the star of the film because of honest performance. Since Dhoom (2004), Ali’s sense of humor hasn’t improved much. But whenever the audience is in splits, it’s because of him.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif looks simply gorgeous throughout the film. The hard work, that she has put in to fit into the shoes of an acrobat and a dancer, shows.

Aamir Khan
If Sachin is the little master of cricket, then Aamir Khan is the little master of Bollywood. He isn’t called Mr. Perfectionist for nothing. His role as Sahir, might not be his best act so far, but through Dhoom: 3 we get to see him tap dance, do acrobatics, swing on a ring suspended in the air, perform death-defying stunts and ride a bike like a boss. One can clearly see the sincere effort that he’s taken to do all of the above with perfection. 

A Villain of a Different Sort
Dhoom: 3 blurs the lines between the hero and villain. At a certain point of time in the film, you will be left wondering who the real villain is. 

Soundtrack and Choreography
No Bollywood film is complete without a good number of songs and an amazing soundtrack. The songs are a treat to watch and pleasing to the ears. Malang, Kamli, Dhoom Tap (Instrumental) and Bande Hai Hum Uske, deserve a special mention.

What isn’t impressive?

Editing and Pacing 
The editing of the film lags behind, especially in the first-half of the movie. For a film that has been made on such a large scale, special attention should have been given to editing. Because of this, the film faces pacing issues, which sometimes make the audience lose interest.

The film could have easily been cut short to two hours. Some of the scenes in the film, could’ve been chucked. Three hours is simply too long. 

The audience is never shown how Sahir pulls off the theft. We are shown that a robbery has taken place and Sahir has fled, but we never get to see him do the robbery.  

Logic and Common Sense
There are some scenes that defy logic and common sense and are quite a turn off. You will know them when you see them.

The good in the film easily outweighs the negligible shortcomings. Now go watch the film. 

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