Directed by Japinder Kaur, Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend is a story about Dhruv (Divyendu Sharma), an IAS aspirant who is madly in love with Sakshi (Prachi Mishra), a banker. In an attempt to woo his lady love, Dhruv decides to buy a car on loan. Along with his friend Happy (Pradhuman Singh), Dhruv somehow manages to pay the first two instalments. However, he fails to repay the remaining amount, and has his car seized by the bank officials. Thus follows a series of topsy-turvy incidents that leave Dhruv and Happy in a complete mess.
Jackie Shroff plays the role of Minocha, a garage owner who refurnishes stolen cars and sells them illegally to other people. When Minocha steals Dhruv’s car, Happy’s phone is left inside and that helps them track the goon. The duo then decide to expose Minochia’s wrongdoings after the police refuse to help. With the assistance of a journalist friend, Nimmi (Ira Dubey), Dhruv and Happy run an exhaustive sting operation that delivers the final twist. The film is more or less predictable, but has certain elements of surprise. The plot is interesting, and is devoid of any over-the-top drama.
The film’s music has a total hip-hop feel to it. The songs are unwanted and far too many, but they’re peppy and cool so you don’t mind sitting through it. Watch out for a special Honey Singh cameo in ‘Birthday Bash’. Divyendu Sharma has done a decent job as the lover boy, Dhruv, Ira Dubey sizzles as the journo-friend and Jackie Shroff is loud yet occasionally funny. Happy is the funny man who keeps the humor alive.
Why should you watch the film?
If you have no plans for the weekend, watch this timepass romantic comedy.

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